Zuna - Mobile Sales App

Present a range of products in the most effective manner to maximize your sales with interactive and agile one-touch app. Zuna is a complete business sales application that works on iPad. You can create catalog in no time and present all your products on the move along with the attractive images/videos, full specifications and marketing collaterals. With Zuna, it is quite simple to set up your own product catalog for your business.

Key Features

  • Product Showcase
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Dealer Locater
  • RFQ & Order Processing
  • Available In Cloud
  • Enterprise Ready

Yamana - Mobile Device Management

Yamana is a Mobile Device Management Solution on mobile that empowers end-users while protecting and securing new processes, applications and assets across the enterprise. It keeps enterprise data secure with a sound mobile strategy and industry-leading mobile device management solutions provides your mobile workers access to key information from the right their devices.

Key Features

  • Security Management and Enforcement
  • Remote Access
  • Asset Management
  • Compliance Management
Mobile Device Management

Racana - Document Management System

Racana is an electronic document management system that transforms both paper and electronic documents into knowledgebase that is easily accessible for the company’s workforce. The application is tailored for enterprises which are using lots of documentation, which needs coordination and collaboration among employees.

Key Features

  • File Delivery
  • Access & Storage
  • Digital Annotation
  • Cloud Storage
  • Group & User Control
  • Offline Access
  • Device Management
  • File Security

Upasana - Mobile Field Service Solutions

Upasana- Field Service Management on mobile- can simplify the business, streamline your Field Service and help you achieve greater customer satisfaction. The application provides you real-time updates of all required information and helps you better work order management.

Key Features

  • Real-time Insight
  • Dispatch
  • Scheduling
  • Locate site on the Map
  • Resources
  • Offline Access
Field Service Solutions for Enterprise

Sthana - Event Management Mobile Solutions

Sthana is a custom mobile application for events and conferences that turns out to be an ideal on-the-go event planning solution for your enterprise. Sthana is the most efficient way to plan conferences (and events) and communicate with event attendees.

Key Features

  • Easy Content Updates and Scheduling
  • Conference Speakers and Sponsors
  • Custom App Layout
  • Engage Attendees
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Maps
Event Management Mobile Solutions

Clauditor - To Monitor Your AWS Cloud Server On-The-Go

Clauditor is a cloud server performance monitoring App for iPhone and Windows smartphones that helps you ensure that your cloud servers and web applications have high uptime. It monitors your cloud servers in real-time and sends you alert & push notifications right on your smartphone.

Key Features

  • On-The-Go Notifications
  • Control & share Alerts
  • Supports Major Cloud Service Providers
  • Cut cost
cloud server performance monitoring App
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