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Customer Background

Founded in 1946, EMKAY is one of the top ten providers of vehicle financing and comprehensive service fleet management solutions throughout North America. The company offers vehicle leasing, vehicle management technology, maintenance control, fuel management, accident management, safety services, license renewal and more. EMKAY emerged as a leader in bringing innovative approaches to the industry.


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    SQLite Manager, iOS, Android, C


Operational excellence and customer satisfaction are key aspects of EMKAY’s business principles. The company wanted its users to search for desired leased vehicles easily. Users should find that either by entering a VIN or by selecting the auction house. They also wanted their fleet drivers to view valuable information related to their vehicles to achieve operational excellence.

Gaining full visibility over the fleet was a challenge to EMKAY. Also, they wanted to track truck locations in real time. The key challenge was to highlight the current location of trucks and provide directions to their maintenance vendors. Additionally, using Emkay Select – the fleet management application, users can look for EMKAY’s leased vehicles and quickly search for preferred vehicle auctions without knowing the VIN. After a productive conversation with their executives, we concluded that Google Maps integration could be the best solution. According to EMKAY, this was the first time they were launching such an app, and they intended to offer more such applications to their clients in the future.

EMKAY faced the following challenges:

  • Inefficient vehicle routing
  • Delayed completion times
  • Shortening trucks’ empty travel distances
  • Responsive solution to logistics demand, traffic network and other conditions
  • Without compromising customer service response time, improve the fleet energy efficiency


Fleet management operators are rapidly adopting a vehicle management system app to run their operations better. After an exhaustive market survey and research into the requirements of trucking companies, we designed a fleet management mobile app centered around the driver. The app, Emkay Driver 360, has all the advanced functionalities. Emkay Driver 360 gives their drivers and supervisors all the desired information at their fingertips, including:

  • Vehicle dashboard screen
  • Ease of navigation
  • Driver information/dashboard
  • Roadside assistance
  • Mileage log/tracking too
  • Secured login for drivers
  • Google Maps integration
  • Dynamic FAQs

Additionally, using Emkay Select – the fleet management application, users can look for EMKAY’s leased vehicles and quickly search for preferred vehicle auctions without knowing the VIN number. Emkay Select also delivers a complete maintenance history report on selected vehicles. It helps users get better insights and make important decisions in auctions. Moreover, using this mobility solution, users can mark vehicle auctions as their favorites to receive real-time notifications and updates on their mobile devices.

Andrew Griffith

Softweb Solutions has developed mobile and desktop solutions for streamlining our fleet management business. The solutions are developed for the iPhone and Blackberry. We are extremely happy with their teamwork. They have a great team of researchers, business analysts, and developers who have together put our ideas into action. They have successfully actualized our unique and innovative concept and aided us in getting the right business solutions. It was a pleasure to work with them, and in the future, we will surely consider them for any other development work.

Andrew GriffithCIO at EMKAY, Inc.


  • Efficient vehicle routing
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Performance optimization
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Generate customized reports
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Improved fleet energy efficiency
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

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