Improve your business strategies by adding cognitive capabilities

Softweb Solutions is a cognitive consulting service provider with deep industry experience in cognitive technologies, including computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics and automation. Using cognitive services helps organizations in generating insights to decrease costs, enhance efficiency, boost revenue and improve customer support.

We have thoroughly researched the current market trends, business processes, and products, based on which we can recommend you the best cognitive solution for your business domain. We specialize in building industry-specific applications by integrating cognitive services APIs of the leading providers like Microsoft and IBM.

Build intelligent chatbots using powerful APIs

We are well-versed in developing a chatbot by integrating cognitive services APIs in order to personalize the experience of the users. A chatbot with cognitive computing APIs brings a certain level of intelligence in communication like understanding the user’s requirements depending on their past communication, recommendations provided and more. Besides, if you build an intelligent chatbot with powerful APIs, it constantly keeps learning, enhancing, and becoming smarter.

Build intelligent chatbots using powerful APIs

By 2018 half of all consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis