Improve your business process efficiency by extracting real-time data from videos and images

Softweb Solutions develops innovative applications by integrating computer vision services with other systems like ERP, POS, CCTV, and diagnostic software to detect anomalies in production lines, analyze medical images, identify products and people on social media etc.

Our team has built custom computer vision apps with advanced components such as object classification, feature recognition, segmentation, pattern recognition, object detection, filtering etc. to address the business challenges of diverse industries.

Some of the business use cases of Computer Vision AI services


Computer vision in manufacturing

The imaging system, machine-learning algorithms and trained AI model make Vision AI-enabled edge equipment. Using such power, you can automate and enhance critical quality-control processes. Human errors are almost nullified, thus ensuring consistent product quality with more accuracy and precision. Vision AI can help you to meet the shortage of skilled operational personnel for high-tech processes and reduce rising labor costs. Computer vision services also helps in maintaining a safe and secure industrial environment.

Computer vision in healthcare

Screening a multitude of medical images requires an expert eye to make an accurate diagnosis. The AI model in Vision AI can be trained to analyze any medical image with human-like accuracy. Consequently, patients can get their results early, so the disease’s progression can be halted with the proper treatment. Patients can also get their results within a day, even if they are in a rural location far away without any experienced medical professional to analyze those medical images.

Medical diagnosis

Computer vision in retail

For retail stores across the globe, making personalized offers and experiences for a customer is highly challenging. Using Vision AI, any retail outlet can create hyper-personalized experiences by analyzing a customer’s past purchases and reactions to previous campaigns. Considering the demand and what’s on shelves, Vision AI can predict the right orders for new stock. That’s how it makes sure that stores won’t end up with too few or too many items. Besides, Vision AI, using a heat map of the store, can help you decide where to place products so customers will notice them.

Thermal image analysis

An infrared camera senses an object or a person in a night vision through thermal infrared radiation or heat. When cameras are stationed around an object of interest, it requires an operator to monitor the feed from cameras for suspicious activity. Not only it is prone to error, but it becomes an intractable task for a single person when the number of cameras increases beyond a certain point. Vision AI-enabled thermal image analysis solves it by removing the need for manual analysis. Computer vision services also enable you to know about the location and size of an object too.

Thermal image analysis
Computer vision and AR – A perfect blend of innovation

Computer vision and AR – A perfect blend of innovation

We develop AR with computer vision capabilities to enable tracking in 3D environments, localization, and object detection/recognition.

Our solution helps:

  • Industry worker with visual operation guidance
  • Marketing and retail for object detection and recognition
  • Field technicians with a visual manual for technical equipment and more

Why choose us

Softweb Solutions has a vast experience in developing applications using computer vision technology to help their clients’ gain useful insights and improve business decision making. Our team of computer vision experts will help you to select the right platform, develop applications, integrate camera and improve process efficiency by embedding with other systems.

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Leverage our computer vision development services to derive smart business insights.

Computer Vision or Vision AI is a perfect choice for it. Our experts will help your business extrapolate real-time data from images and videos.