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Softweb Solutions creates cutting-edge applications by integrating computer vision services with other systems such as ERP, POS, CCTV and diagnostic software to detect anomalies in production lines, analyze medical images and identify products and people on social media, among other possibilities. It can also be integrated with machine learning operations to build a wide range of enterprise applications and cloud services.

To meet the constraints of diverse industries, our team has designed artificial intelligence and computer vision-based applications with advanced components such as object classification, feature recognition, segmentation, pattern recognition, object detection, filtering and so on. We can assist you in achieving such prototypes using minimal resources and no additional hardware support.

Some of the business use cases of Computer Vision AI services

Computer vision in manufacturing

Images from cameras placed on the assembly line of 7 factories helped detect and prevent 112 component failures. No human skill/experience can match CV’s ability to achieve cent percent uptime, zero defect manufacturing and a consistent product line.

  • Produce flawless products
  • Ensure a safe working environment
  • Real-time optical character recognition
  • Equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance

Computer vision for the FMCG industry

Improve efficiency, accuracy, and profitability in the following areas of your business operations with computer vision

  • Cap Closure Inspection
  • Dimension
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Product
  • Tamper
  • Thermal Seal Inspection
Cap closure inspection

Cap closure inspection

Identify missing, misaligned, or damaged caps on bottles or containers. This ensures proper sealing and prevents leaks or contamination.

Dimension detection

Dimension detection

Precisely measure product dimensions, ensuring consistency and adherence to specifications. This helps catch irregularities and potential packaging flaws.

Foreign object detection

Foreign object detection

Detect any foreign objects, like debris or insects, inside packaging during production. This safeguards product quality and consumer safety.

Product counting

Product counting

Accurately count products on a conveyor belt or in a storage area, eliminating manual counting errors and streamlining inventory management.

Tamper detection

Tamper detection

Identify signs of tampering on packaging, such as tears, punctures, or resealing marks. This helps prevent compromised products from reaching consumers.

Thermal seal inspection

Thermal seal inspection

Detect inconsistencies in heat seals on food packaging. This ensures proper sealing and extends product shelf life.

Smart leak detection

Constant monitoring and maintenance make the best use of remote assets. Factors like outside force, corrosion, operator error, weld defects and aging trigger leaks in water, petroleum and process plants’ pipelines. CV continuously tracks flow rate, pressure and temperature for leak detection.

  • Non-destructive testing and inspection
  • Automatic leak detection and alerts raise
  • Distinguish hazardous and non-hazardous spills
  • Extract potential effusion features and take preventive actions
Smart leak detection
Computer vision-powered facility management

Computer vision-powered facility management

With the help of advanced cameras and image processing algorithms, computer vision systems for facility management can capture and analyze images and videos of huge public spaces. This provides valuable insights into the operations of the facility.

  • Improve building security and protocol
  • Monitors the movement of crowd and vehicle
  • Facility space optimization in real-time
  • Identify any maintenance needs
  • Inspect the exterior of buildings for bottlenecks
  • Identification of recurrent visitors
Computer Vision for Quality Control in Electronics

Computer Vision for Quality Control in Electronics

Tired of manual inspections missing subtle defects on your PCBs? Stop hidden defects from hindering your production. Our AI-powered computer vision solutions meticulously inspect PCBs, ensuring consistent quality and maximizing yield. Computer vision with AI could really help you with:

  • Detect even the subtlest anomalies invisible to human inspectors
  • Automate visual inspections, Focus on high-value tasks
  • Data-driven optimization for recurring issues & improve
  • Seamless Integration of a scalable solutions to existing line.

Computer vision apps in retail

Using computer vision for retail facility management can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. The use of computer vision in retail can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

  • Monitors the store environment
  • Optimizes store layout and product placement
  • Tracks the occupancy of shelves
  • Optimize traffic flow and minimize congestion
  • Analyze foot traffic and customer behavior
  • Detects suspicious behavior and alerts staff in real-time
Computer vision apps in retail
Intelligent diagnostic imaging

Intelligent diagnostic imaging

Speed, accuracy and affordability are the limitations of radiologists and pathologists. With context knowledge, CV can exploit shape, texture, contour and prior clinical imaging data. That brings highly needed quantitative and qualitative information quickly, precisely and at a low cost.

  • Democratize microscopy
  • Automate cell identification
  • Make diagnosis processes faster, better and cheaper
  • Computerized blood, urine, biopsy sample analysis and reporting

Explore 10 computer vision use cases in retail tailored to your business interests

Some of our computer vision consulting services include

Face recognitionFacial recognition services extend beyond security to enhance the user experience. Identify and authenticate a specific person by their facial features in an image or video. With our trained AI models and face detection service, we measure and calculate several facial representations to accurately confirm the identity of individuals.
Emotion recognitionSentiment analysis models analyze customer data from a variety of sources including social media, customer reviews, drone footage, mass media and data. They achieve a visual representation of customers’ opinions and sentiments about your brand, based on text data.
Video analyticsDetect and extract objects from video based on trained AI models. then classify each object to enable intelligent video analysis to empower users with granular search, smart alerting and comprehensive reporting.
Optical character recognition OCR services convert data into machine-editable text. It is the most-effective solution to capture data from printed or written text from a scanned document or image file. OCR ensures high-quality data conversion that is fast, accurate and efficient.
Image annotationLabel your images and take control of your training data while powering your computer vision apps with large data sets. Our image annotation services support image classification, object detection and recognition using tools like bounding box, polygon, polyline and key point annotation.
Object detectionIdentify multiple objects in an image and receive information about the location of the object in the image. Empower your enterprise-level apps with custom models that are capable of detecting individual objects in a given image along with their bounding box and label using our object detection service.

Leverage our custom-built computer vision solutions and services to optimize business insights.

Computer vision is among the promising AI segments and we hold the expertise to extrapolate real-time data from images and videos.

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Softweb Solutions has a vast experience in developing applications using computer vision technology to help their clients gain useful insights and improve business decision making. Our team of computer vision experts will help you select the right platform, develop applications, integrate cameras and improve process efficiency by embedding with other systems.







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