Are you planning for legacy modernization & re-architecting applications into cloud-based native applications?

There are many cloud computing platforms and each one has multiple services which makes selecting the right one a tough call. This is where we come in.

Softweb Solutions is an end-to-end cloud computing service provider. We can create, host and implement customized solutions by analyzing the client’s goals and requirements. We also specialize in migrating an existing system and connected applications to the cloud seamlessly.

Whether it is about building an IoT app, an Intranet portal, a mobile application or embedded software; our cloud consultants know which service is the right fit for your company.

Cloud computing development services

Softweb’s cloud computing services help you plan, build, migrate, and manage a cloud journey that leads to increased agility and business value by mitigating risk and ensuring industry compliance.

  • Cloud Strategy and Consulting

    Cloud Strategy and Consulting

    We help in identifying business and IT requirements for cloud strategies, define a cloud roadmap, choose the right cloud platform, and help you with the inevitable shift to the cloud so your IT team does not need to manage complex hardware and software infrastructure.

  • Cloud Assessment and Migration

    Cloud Assessment and Migration

    With a detailed assessment of each application, we plan an efficient migration to the cloud. In this phase, we will define the business architecture, operating model, and business case depending upon the objectives. By using the tangible insights derived, we will suggest an optimal cloud strategy and migration approach of the application to the cloud.

  • IaaS / PaaS Cloud Application Services

    IaaS / PaaS Cloud Application Services

    We can transform and empower your apps by creating, hosting and extending your apps on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms, which will reduce year-on-year hardware management and upgrade costs. Also, we will help you integrate various libraries and frameworks and develop robust, scalable applications that support the latest Java, ASP.NET, and Microsoft SharePoint web standards.

  • Cloud Management Services

    Cloud Management Services

    Softweb Solutions helps organizations ensure that their cloud services are working in an optimal manner. This includes defining, deploying and maintaining cloud management systems across various platforms. We take care of the entire cloud lifecycle management activities such as SLA, regulatory compliance, high availabliity scenarios, backup, security issues, access management, auditing and other related requirements.

  • Cloud Monitoring & Support

    Cloud Monitoring & Support

    We offer full-stack monitoring services that helps organizations manage and optimize the applications and other IT infrastructure hosted on the cloud. These services are aimed at analyzing CPU usage, bandwidth utilization, disk space and other such parameters that result in additional costs based on usage.


We can help!

Our 5-Step Cloud Adoption Program

Our Cloud Adoption Program (CAP) is a perfect blend of the industry best practices, and technology for enterprise-wide cloud adoption. In this program, we will help you to adopt or build your own cloud solution so that you can deliver business results faster, no matter where you are in your cloud transformation.

Cloud consulting (2-3 Days)

Cloud consulting (2-3 Days)

We will bring your entire team together for a cloud workshop to review our all-inclusive approach to enterprise cloud adoption and also ensure that your team is arranged around your cloud goals and objectives.

  • Create team objectives of CAP
  • Highlight drivers for adoption
  • Economics and TCO
  • Analyze CAP details and education
  • Identify key security and governance challenges
  • Use cases and POCs
  • Create an action plan

Assess & migrate (30-45 Days)

We will thoroughly assess your existing condition and quantify the advantages and effort to migrate to the cloud. This includes identifying all the concerns, requirements, hurdles, and controls for your cloud plan.

  • Assessment of infrastructure and enterprise application
  • Estimation of ROI and TCO
  • Identifying and remediating key security controls and technologies
  • Identifying pilot applications for migration
  • Classifying reference architectures and Minimum Viable Cloud infrastructure
  • Prioritizing critical path dependencies, hazards, and controls
  • Positioning stakeholders on the roadmap, success factors, and resources
Assess & migrate (30-45 Days)
Build (60-90 days)

Build (60-90 days)

We will build your MVC (Minimum Viable Cloud) and then move the applications. After that, we will arrange migration tools, processes as well as teams to initiate a full-scale migration.

  • Develop a MVC
  • Migrate pilot workloads as illustrative use cases
  • Validate applications and operations on the MVC
  • Build initial migration teams by defining processes, people, and technology
  • Validate economic model against the larger infrastructure of applications
  • Listing out map security, compliance and operational approaches against new constraints

Migration (12-24 months)

We will build a strong foundation for a seamless transition to the cloud. Then after we will start your full-scale migration to the cloud.

  • Implement project plans in alignment with the management teams
  • Implement security and governance controls
  • Implement the infrastructure, tooling, and processes
  • Operational transformation and cloud service management
  • Workloads and data migration/production cutover
  • Knowledge transfer and enablement
  • Post-migration support and handoff of applications
  • Economic alignment and controls
  • Executive presentation, training, and handoff
Migration (12-24 months)
Operations & maintenance (ongoing)

Operations & maintenance (ongoing)

We will perform the maintenance and operations of your cloud environment from time to time, allowing your team to focus on their core business activities.

  • 100% availability architecture design
  • Configuration automation and DevOps deployment
  • Automated backups and disaster recovery
  • Audit readiness for diverse verticals
  • Enterprise-grade security services
  • Integration with on-premises or private cloud environments
  • 24/7/365 service desks

No matter which cloud provider you choose, we have got you covered

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google cloud


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