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There are many cloud computing platforms and each one has many services which make selecting the right one a tough call. This is where we come in. Whether you are moving everything to the cloud or setting up a hybrid instance, Softweb has experienced multiple use cases to assist. By not only considering your immediate goals but long term goals as well, our cloud consultants can guide you on which service is the right fit for your company.

Cloud Experiences

Real-time digital media distribution for a large content provider

Our client had a large amount of data (video files) on-premises that needed to be moved to the cloud. This was because the customers were complaining about the slow video loading, high maintenance costs, and unreliable service resulting from low availability and other performance issues. Our cloud architecture strategy helped the firm make a successful transition to the cloud while reducing its infrastructure and maintenance costs by 50%. The solution was implemented in four weeks and on budget. The content provider now can carry out large-scale data transfer of its vast video library. The fault tolerant and scalable broadcast solution also handles traffic during peak hours without a fall in video playback quality.

Cloud Experiences

Smart Asset Monitoring Solution for oil & gas firm

The firm had limited control over its assets and lacked a sophisticated reporting system. This was due to the unconnected nature of its IT and OT data. The siloed approach was resulting in low productivity. Our solution is hosted on Azure IoT for enabling real-time asset monitoring. This has cut the cost of software development by about 50%. The code updates are released up to 10 times a week instead of once each quarter.

Smart Assets Monitoring Solution for oil & gas firm
SaaS-based B2B content and eCommerce platform for large supplier customer

SaaS-based B2B content and eCommerce platform for large supplier customer

The firm was unable to integrate its enterprise systems with multiple third-party tools and achieve real-time sync. We created an auto scaling SaaS-based multi-tenant application using DevOps driven processes that track inventory automatically and gathers data on the cloud.

Our 5-step cloud adoption program


  • Create team objectives
  • Identify key security & governance challenges
  • Use cases and POCs


  • Develop an MVC
  • Migrate pilot workloads
  • Validate apps and operations on MVC
  • Build initial migration teams


  • 100% availability architecture design
  • Automated backups and disaster recovery
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • 24/7/365 service desks


  • Assessment of infrastructure
  • Estimation of ROI and TCO
  • Identifying pilot apps for migration
  • Classifying MVC infrastructure
  • Prioritizing critical path dependencies


  • Implement the infrastructure, tooling, and processes
  • Workloads and data migration/production cutover
  • Knowledge transfer and enablement

Why Choose Us

Softweb Solutions Inc. helps enterprises move away from legacy systems and processes. This includes migrating their IT infrastructure and on-premises applications to the cloud, building new cloud-based apps and effectively utilizing cloud services.

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