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RPA Services and implementation provides digital speed in moving data between different systems. A successful robotic process automation (RPA) implementation allows companies to embrace digital workflows and do more with the available resources.

In our RPA consulting services, we find, develop and deploy automated processes and integrate ML and AI with RPA services to make the client’s business ecosystem intelligent. As an UiPath partner, Softweb Solutions offers an end-to-end automation platform, combining RPA solutions that enable organizations to improve scalability and unlock full resource potential.

RPA services and solutions

Right from defining the RPA Services strategy to development, Softweb Solutions provides comprehensive RPA development services.

RPA assessment

RPA assessment

After realizing your business needs, we carry RPA assessment to pre-determine the cost, RPA implementation eligibility, ROI and success rate and as RPA Services does not fit for all processes.

RPA consulting and strategy

RPA consulting and strategy

An RPA consultant will work with you to realize your business needs. We identify RPA Services opportunities, develop a strategy roadmap and propose the right RPA and OCR tools.

RPA development

RPA development

Our RPA developers use automation tools to develop your intelligent automation solutions. We also consider your BCP/DRP while developing RPA solutions.

RPA implementation

RPA implementation

We integrate your existing business processes and functions with custom-built RPA services and solutions while implementation. Our developers then orchestrate workflows and rollout validation.



Robotic Process Automation Implementation



Common issues that lead 3PLs to utilize RPA

Hire RPA developers

Are you looking to automate crucial and time-consuming business processes? Are you struggling with how to get started with RPA Services? Get in touch with our experienced RPA experts and eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks across your entire organization.

  • Robust workflow strategizing and quick RPA implementation
  • Multiple engagement models for RPA Services development and support
  • Improvement in operational efficiency and minimize errors
  • Increase in revenue and reduction in operating costs
Hire RPA developers
RPA consulting partner

Why we can be your ideal RPA consulting partner

  • Embrace pure productivity: Our seasoned RPA specialists will review your current architecture, identify process bottlenecks and prioritize quick-win automation scenarios to unlock the value of process automation with impact, speed and scale.
  • Experience RPA technologies fully: Our RPA Services experts leverage the full power of UiPath, Power Automate, Blue Prism and other relevant RPA tools.
  • Get tangible benefits: Make your processes 100X faster. Double your ROI in a year. Boost up your cost savings. No delays in 24/7 operations.
  • Our end-to-end unique approach: Process discovery > RPA planning > RPA implementation > Client care.

Our flexible engagement models for your success

Offshore Support Model

Offshore Support Model

With our offshore support, we remotely connect with our clients to resolve their issues. Industry grade software such as GoToAssist, LogMeIn, VNC, or TeamViewer is leveraged to allow a secure control over the team.

Support Time & Material (T&M)

Support Time & Material (T&M)

We facilitate our clients to flexibly work with us based on the actual cost of direct labor on an hourly basis, materials and equipment used. Our clients can expect a quick start, better efficiency, flexibility and control over each development stage.

Hybrid Model

Hybrid Model

Our hybrid model is ideal for complex and long-term IT projects as well as sophisticated product development. We strive to help our clients with the ultimate balance in service delivery between local systems, centralized shared services and external outsourcing of service delivery.

On-site Support Model

On-site Support Model

Whether you require technical assistance on-premises, need to modify any existing systems, or migrate from a legacy system, our on-site delivery model is ideal for continuous support. Our clients can relax and focus on their processes while we help them to grow their business with advanced on-site support.

Automating Insurance Claims Processing with RPA

Manual data entry is very time-consuming and cumbersome. Many insurance companies manually enter their customer’s details from the vehicle claim processing form into their application. Check out this automated form-filling RPA services that helps insurers to perform the following tasks:

  • Automatically copy data from a physically filled forms into an application using OCR.
  • Effectively handle bulk form-fills and data entries to a web form.
  • Instantly send e-mails to the admin on approval/rejection of the claim request.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools we leverage

We leverage a combination of open source tools that are enterprise-ready to let you realize the benefits of RPA. We also utilize the capabilities provided by technologies like ML and AI along with RPA tools from different RPA vendors to create smarter bots for you to make informed decisions.


Power Automate

Blue Prism

Frequently Asked Questions

What are RPA Services?

RPA services include assessment, plan, design, deployment, and support to improve productivity, decrease operational cost, and increase the scalability of an organization.

What are the benefits of using RPA?

RPA not only enhances accuracy and efficiency in business processes, but also eliminates human workers from spending their time on tedious and repetitive tasks. This enables workers to focus on work that requires human judgment and understanding.

What results can I expect from implementing RPA?

By implementing RPA, you can improve business productivity and easily automate routine business processes. This frees up employees from working on tedious and repetitive tasks. Besides, you can focus more on the strategic activities that demand more time and effort.

Which RPA tools are best to automate finance processes?

A drag-and-drop workflow builder and application integration are two of the most important RPA tools for companies in the financial sector. Businesses can connect multiple software systems and automate monotonous tasks that require flawless compliance by using these tools.

How does Robotic Process Automation (RPA) differ from intelligent automation?

Robotic Process Automation is complemented by intelligent process automation with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. While RPA is based on workflow automation and is triggered when a condition is met, IPA leverages AI and ML and can be triggered on dynamic conditions. So, the best way to move forward is start with RPA on multiple instances and later add IPA for wider operational responsibilities.

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