Evolve beyond conventional rule-based automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) implementation provides digital speed in moving data between different systems. A successful robotic process automation (RPA) implementation allows companies to embrace digital workflows and do more with the available resources.

At Softweb Solutions, we help organizations to integrate ML and artificial intelligence with RPA to transform entire business ecosystem. With our end-to-end RPA consulting services, we develop and deploy automated processes and help our clients’ to enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, improve scalability and create customer experiences.

Why companies are pushing for RPA


How Softweb Solutions incorporates RPA services

Process discovery

  • Process identification by categorizing processes and sub-processes
  • Review processes in scope and determine automation potential
  • Evaluate volumetric data, cycle times and performance analysis

KPI-based process optimization and cost analysis

  • Process optimization by considering error rate and process complexity
  • Cost analysis including payroll cost, other costs like facilities, licenses, etc.
  • Study process benchmark needs, scope and define integrations and add-on requirement

Organization-wide business case suitability analysis

  • Business case analysis by assessing current total operating cost vs. RPA operating cost
  • Calculate process KPIs expected improvement and RPA’s return on investment (ROI)
  • Organization-wide productivity and performance analysis with RPA execution

RPA lifecycle implementation and TMR

  • Define RPA operating model framework and high-level implementation roadmap
  • End-to-end RPA deployment in production environments and RPA lifecycle monitoring
  • Track, measure and report time and money saved, and share any reports quickly with key stakeholders

Realize the RPA benefits

Through RPA consulting, we enable enterprises to create virtual workforces that drive business agility and efficiency. We have seen RPA services have achieved:

  • 40%


  • 65%

    Superior customer

  • 55%

    Good employee

  • 70%

    less downtime

  • 75%

    Quick and
    error-free data

  • 60%

    cost savings

Processes ripe for automation with RPA


RPA tools we leverage

We leverage a combination of open source tools that are enterprise-ready to let you realize the benefits of RPA. We also utilize the capabilities provided by technologies like ML and AI along with RPA tools from different RPA vendors to create smarter bots for you to make informed decisions.


Power Automate

Blue Prism

Save time and add scalability with RPA in Power Automate

Save time and add scalability with RPA in Power Automate

Power Automate has 275+ applications and services that support API automation and UI automation. Thus, it offers the best possibilities to scale and automate repetitive business processes. Hyperautomate your manual and repetitive business activities and accelerate innovation and business efficiency using RPA in Power Automate.

  • Streamline your daily business activities
  • Enhance professionalism, competitiveness and efficiency of your team
  • Reduce the risk of errors in your business
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Enable informed decisions

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