Increasing enterprise-grade security with digital transformation

Our developers at Softweb created an app center empowered with advanced search functionality and different level of admin rights.

  • Efficient and streamlined app management
  • Easy-to-use-interface
  • Minimizes increased system reliability
  • Different admin layers for higher security

Legacy system modernization for a leading avionics services provider

Elliot Aviation wanted a system to manage customer and project details and data. Softweb Solutions developed a web application that can streamline aircraft sales and MRO management, etc.

  • Role-based access
  • Better security and control
  • Secure access to maintenance information
  • Track maintenance in real-time

Created an AR app for the seamless sales cycle of a manufacturing firm

Our team delivered a visual product configurator solution, the company can record perfect measurements and send the correct information to the sales team in real-time.

  • Accurate data
  • Better collaboration
  • Visualized 3D simulation
  • Real-time quote generation

Boosting OTTO’s digital presence with catalog sales app and Sitecore ECM

OTTO wanted to expand its reach beyond the web for which it needed a unique yet simple catalog application. Softweb Solutions developed an intuitive catalog app with complete product knowledge and sales-related information.

  • The app creates brand awareness
  • Sales reps always have hands-on information
  • Offline access for anytime usability
  • Secure document management system

Built air quality monitoring app to shrink air pollution levels

Our mobile team deployed a bespoke mobile solution on the IoTConnect™ cloud to get the real-time data from the smart band and check the air quality index (AQI-generated) insights.

  • Identifies highly polluted areas and levels of pollution
  • Facilitates in assessing impacts caused by poor air quality on public health
  • Generates real-time alerts when the pollution level crosses a threshold value
  • Help to determine if a particular area is meeting the air quality standards

Accelerate approval time and lending processes with one platform

Softweb Solutions’ Consumer Loan Origination System (CLOS) empowered Alliant, the ninth-largest credit union in the US, to make lending processes more economical and convenient for customers and Alliant’s employees. CLOS enabled:

  • Efficiency-focused workflows
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Reduced onboarding time
  • Enhanced compliance reducing fraud

Digital transformation solutions for interactive catalog app

Softweb Solutions developed a mobile app using React that showcases its products under a single interface.

  • Search products quickly and efficiently
  • Add multiple products and their details
  • Visually compare within the same product family
  • Detailed part number information

Legacy app modernization with efficient DevOps implementation

DoubleCheck is a financial services provider based in the US. The company was looking for innovation solutions partner who addresses their infrastructure and development cycle challenges. Softweb Solutions offered infrastructure modernization with DevOps implementation.

  • Reduced downtime
  • Rapid development and deployment cycles
  • Agile operations

Shopper analytics transforming ShopperTrak’s customer insights

Learn how shopper analytics using MongoDB for retail can drive sales and enhance the customer experience. That’s not it. Through this portfolio, you will learn how ShopperTrak, the company that manages 150,000+ devices and serves more than 2,100 customers worldwide, the following:

  • How to reinvent the customer experience with a personalized touch
  • How to optimize the shopper experience and increase sales
  • How to benchmark store performances with the data

Transforming business processes with IoT-based solutions

Ingersoll Rand is one of the biggest manufacturing companies based in the US. It was challenging for them to monitor the performance of each of their equipment. With Softweb Solutions’ IoTConnect® platform the company can leverage the following benefits:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced downtime