QA Automation Services

At Softweb Solutions we identify QA as a top priority. Testing for quality and effectiveness is a primary requirement for all applications and web services; whether on mobile or desktop. Our extensive development experience is complimented by our QA automation testing services. This results in fully functional and bug free experience for our clients. We are committed to the highest standards of quality with robust testing methodologies in every project.

Softweb Solutions is a full-fledged software development company, which gives us a more holistic approach towards testing compared to any other QA software testing company.

Areas of Expertise

Our clients can leverage from set of automated testing services to maintain quality for product development. We provide the below QA services:

  • IoT and wearables testing
  • Chatbots and voice testing
  • Big Data & Cloud Testing
  • Web and Mobile automation testing
  • Performance/Load testing
  • UI/UX testing
  • Web Service/API Automation Testing
  • Enterprise Content Management Testing
  • Functional testing – web/mobile/desktop
  • SQA Consulting
  • Security Testing

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QA Process at Softweb


Understanding application

We identify testing types, priorities, focus and test environment details where the testing will be carried out. At the end of this stage, the Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) is prepared.


Planning & Tool selection

We select tools for the Test Approach based on their fit to the automation requirements and not their popularity. This largely depends on the technology used in building the application.


Test strategy & test framework creation

This stage involves identifying the test strategy and implementing various framework components, libraries and utilities as well as creating coding standards, script review process and deployment strategies.


Script identification and creation

Determining the scope of automation in the application with a list of scenarios based on test case category or functionality section to be automated.


Test Script execution

Our QA team executes automation scripts in this phase. This provides detailed test reports.


Defect identification & reporting

After the script execution, we verify the reports generated by automated tests, analyze the errors, and log defects in the defect tracking system.


Test suite maintenance

Automation scripts are reviewed and maintained for each release cycle and new functionalities are added to the system under test.


Metric Management, process monitoring & improvement

Measuring metrics like time taken for release, time required for automation testing, defects found, customer satisfaction index, and productivity improvement.

Why Automation Testing?

Automation testing is an essential step to achieve the assurance over quality.
It is for every platform, be it web, mobile or desktop but all requires testing at some intervals to improve workflows.

  • Reduce Cost & Time

    Reduce Cost & Time

    Reduce test analysis cost and development time due to regular automation process

  • Assure Quality width=

    Assure Quality

    Maintain quality with error free QA process

  • Effective Usability & Productivity

    Effective Usability & Productivity

    Optimize library of multiple tests and benefit from increased resources

  • Better Coverage

    Better Coverage

    Utilize short test cycles while using extended test coverage

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Automation tools we work with

  • Selenium Web Driver

    Selenium Web Driver

  • QTP / UTF

    QTP / UTF

  • Appium


  • JIRA


  • SpecFlow


  • JMeter



  • Load Runner

    Load Runner

  • Instruments


  • Android Monitor

    Android Monitor