UiPath consulting and implementation


Labor-intensive tasks are time-consuming. With UiPath RPA implementation, automate mundane tasks and free employees to focus on meeting the business goals. Softweb Solutions is one of the leading UiPath consulting firms that help organizations to enhance their digital transformation with intelligent automation. We offer best-in-class RPA solutions:

  • UiPath assessment
  • UiPath consulting
  • UiPath development
  • UiPath implementation
  • UiPath managed services
  • UiPath support and maintenance

Our UiPath consulting and development services

We offer end-to-end process automation solutions to give your business a competitive edge.

UiPath RPA assessment

UiPath RPA assessment

Connect and share your requirements to leverage intelligent process automation assessment with UiPath RPA developers. Pre-determine cost, RPA implementation eligibility, ROI and success rate.

UiPath RPA consulting

UiPath RPA consulting

Experienced RPA consultants that help you strategize your actual business automation needs. Bridging the gap between technical and practical aspects of RPA development requirements.

UiPath RPA development

UiPath RPA development

Create intelligent process automation applications based on the defined intervention models and pipelines with UiPath developers. Apply the workflows in the test environment and release it to live upon commitment.

UiPath RPA implementation

UiPath RPA implementation

As an intelligent process automation service provider, our UiPath developers help you to select the right RPA tool, integrate custom-built RPA solutions with existing processes and validate them as well.

UiPath implementation for insurance

Close the gap of legacy systems to improve the overall claim processing operation. Adopting RPA integration allows insurance companies to provide their customers fast, personalized and considerate services.

  • Increase business efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Rapidly approve claims
  • Quickly process claims
UiPath implementation for insurance
UiPath development for logistics

UiPath development for logistics

With IoT, AI and ML integration with UiPath services, get benefits like efficient order management, reduced downtime and enhanced operational excellence. RPA bots can assign a delivery partner based on the location of the products, allowing logistics companies to focus on their key operations.

  • Achieve greater productivity
  • Reduce downtime
  • Gain higher ROI

UiPath services for finance

RPA automation can translate into not only time and cost savings but also allow financial institutes to explore automation opportunities to improve productivity. From customer verification to account opening to detecting fraudulent activities, UiPath integration allows financial institutes for better financial planning.

  • Reduce days payable outstanding (DPO)
  • Accelerate invoice processing
  • Automated fraud detection
UiPath services for finance
UiPath solutions for healthcare

UiPath solutions for healthcare

Utilize RPA bots to fetch historical patient data and offer the right treatment. Achieve better resource management and streamline the documentation process. RPA ensures increased appointment turnout and better patient experience. Healthcare providers can achieve higher data transparency, for effective collaboration to provide the most suitable treatment options.

  • Adhere to regulatory compliance
  • Faster documentation process
  • Become HIPPA compliant for patient data transfer

UiPath automation for manufacturing

From invoice processing to supply chain automation, UiPath RPA development is the key enabler for increasing production speed for a faster go-to-market. Automate R&D operations, increase customer engagement and boost productivity within the organization by implementing RPA solutions.

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Paperless operations
  • Automated process monitoring
UiPath automation for manufacturing

Benefits of UiPath intelligent process automation

The most advanced intelligent process automation software powered by machine learning and operated by certified UiPath developers

Boost productivity up to 70%

Reduce Manual Errors up to 85%

Increase Employee Engagement up to 65%

UiPath integrations with leading platforms to harness the incredible automation value

UiPath AWS Integration

UiPath SAP

UiPath Salesforce Integration

UiPath Tableau Integration

UiPath Slack Integration

UiPath Jira

UiPath Oracle Integration

Automate your process with our best-in-class UiPath consulting and development

Our RPA consultants help you to streamline your processes and improve business efficiency