Driving insights with expert managed data services

Fulfilling your data strategy requires an active, expert approach as your business grows. Our data managed services provide the oversight and tools you need to drive insights and stay competitive. We structure, standardize, and analyze your data to fuel insights-driven decision making.

  • Strategic data optimization for scalability
  • Fortified security for business continuity
  • Agile technology for future-proofing
  • Global accessibility for unified support
  • Holistic data ecosystem for 360-degree visibility
  • Cost-efficiency through optimal resource utilization

Our data managed services expertise

Data architecture

Our data managed services provide the architecture, policies, and procedures you need to drive reliable insights at every stage of data analytics lifecycle.

Data migration services

Our data managed services take care of all your data migration needs as you transition on-premises to cloud or across multiple cloud platforms.

Advanced data analytics

We create customized analytics solutions to help you navigate complex data challenges, spot patterns, and predict outcomes to serve your mission.

Data engineering

We provide end-to-end data engineering solutions to ingest data from diverse sources, structure and standardize it, and integrate it into centralized repositories optimized for business insights.


We utilize leading tools to enable version control, CI/CD, infrastructure provisioning, and robust monitoring and testing for your data.

Data security

Our data scientists help safeguard your data by implementing access controls, encryption, auditing, and backup and recovery mechanisms tailored to your infrastructure and compliance needs.

Benefits of our data managed services

Unified data

Unified data

Eliminate silos by consolidating data from across your systems into a single, consistent view. We integrate data from any source, perform ETL to ensure quality, and build cloud data lakes optimized for BI and AI.

Access to expertise

Access to expertise

We provide access to our data experts such as engineers, analysts, and scientists. With guidance from these experts, you can take your data and analytics capabilities to the next level in an optimized, scalable way.

Enhanced agility

Enhanced agility

We offer performance tuned dashboards, rigorous content certification procedures, trusted data pipelines, and usage analytics for maximizing Tableau BI success.

Scalable and secure managed data services

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