Softweb Solutions offers complete Sitecore CMS consultation and development services to enterprises. Our Sitecore experts understand your company’s ECM and CMS requirements and then plan goals that once achieved will help you deliver the best possible online customer experience. Sitecore is an extensive tool and organizations can end up not utilizing it to its full potential. At Softweb Solutions, we create a step-by-step plan that helps you get the most out of Sitecore.

Our Sitecore services

  • Sitecore consultation: Softweb Solutions offers consulting services for Sitecore CMS project lifecycle starting from planning to deployment, enhancements, and post launch support.
  • Sitecore implementation: We are a certified solution partner who use standard practices and advanced tools to implement Sitecore CMS application for multi-sites in multiple languages for our enterprise clients.
  • Sitecore development: Our team of developers has vast experience and knowledge of Sitecore customization tools to build a powerful site that fulfills clients and their users particular needs.
  • Sitecore upgradation: We can help you to seamlessly upgrade your website to the latest version of Sitecore that offers improved marketing personalization and marketing automation features.
  • Sitecore support and managed services: Softweb is one stop destination for all your Sitecore requirements such as maintenance, support, software, and network round-the-clock.
  • Sitecore migration: Our team of developers will analyze your requirement meticulously and create a roadmap to migrate from any CMS to Sitecore without a glitch.
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Softweb’s Expertise with Sitecore

  • Sitecore Experience Manager (XM)

    Sitecore Experience Manager (XM)

    Our Sitecore development team recommends this product to companies that require only a top end web content management system. This is because it gives firms multisite management and multilingual content capabilities along with in-session personalization, reusable content and enterprise-class search.

  • Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)

    Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)

    This Sitecore product is for companies that require more than a web CMS. It works with Sitecore Experience Database to help marketers deliver personalized experiences to their customers. It helps firms deliver contextual personalization, experience optimization, marketing automation, and multichannel marketing.

  • Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC)

    Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC)

    We can fully manage Salesforce CRM and customize it to adapt to your unique business model and objectives. Our Salesforce experts can tailor-make cloud solutions including cloud application development on, by developing secure, scalable, and user-friendly applications.

  • Omnichannel marketing add-ons

    Omnichannel marketing add-ons

    If you are already using Sitecore but want to extend its functionality without upgrading to the latest version, we can help you install Sitecore add-on modules. These include Email Experience Manager (EXM), Print Experience Manager (PXM) and Experience Accelerator.

  • Sitecore Experience Database (xDB)

    Sitecore Experience Database (xDB)

    Sitecore Experience Database is the core of all your Sitecore experiences. We can help you store all your customer data and information in xDB so that you get a 360-degree customer view. This is possible through xDB’s Experience Profile, which captures customer data in extensive detail.

  • Sitecore on Azure

    Sitecore on Azure

    Sitecore comes with a variety of deployment models (on premises, hybrid cloud and managed cloud hosting). This cloud first approach and our cloud expertise means that you can deploy Sitecore on the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates or deploy it using the WYSIWYG type templates available in the Azure Marketplace.

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Sitecore 9 - Pre-migration assessment at no cost

Sitecore 9 – Pre-migration assessment at no cost

Are you planning to upgrade from your existing version of Sitecore to 9? In this assessment program, our Sitecore certified developers will evaluate your existing Sitecore set up and guide you on your migration journey.

Evolution of Sitecore

  • Sitecore 6.x – Web experience management
  • Sitecore 7.x – Omnichannel digital experiences
  • Sitecore 8.x – Advanced cloud deployment models
  • Sitecore 9 – Data interchange between Sitecore and CRM systems, machine learning capability

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Sitecore benefits

Sitecore Experience Cloud is a very advanced platform that is more than just a CMS or a marketing automation tool. It is perfect for enterprises who want to migrate all their scattered websites and marketing technology tools to a single, unified interface. This powerful .NET based platform can be used in developing highly sophisticated enterprise web solutions.

  • Content management
  • Marketing automation and analysis
  • Multi-website and multilingual support
  • Machine learning capabilities
  • PaaS deployment flexibility
  • Integrations with CRM and ERP software


Altra Industrial Motion had several websites under various categories and they wanted to implement Sitecore CMS for all their sites.

Single Point of Control

Enable Altra to control its entire website from a single backend system.

Multilingual Sites & Marketing Tools

The websites are available in seven languages and users can manually select the language.

Catalog Management System

Users can browse the latest videos, images, and product catalogs in PDF format – all in high resolution.

Experience Analytics

Altra can easily access to its Experience Analytics tool.

Altra Motion