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With our Microsoft HoloLens developer, enhance visual capabilities and provide operational guidance with real time data exchange in mixed reality. Build prototypes for unique use cases and transform your operators into amplified workers. Empower your workforce to collaborate more effectively while working together from different locations with HoloLens remote assist.

A creative and strategic transformation partner –

  • Develop custom enterprise-ready HoloLens 2 applications to increase user accuracy and output.
  • Get a free consultation on how solutions on HoloLens 2 can strengthen your business.
  • Validate your idea with a small working prototype.


  • Offer increased field of view, rich user interface and accurate 3D visualization for interactive training.
  • Get Holographic projections as on-the-job visual guides and reduce complexity of conception.
  • Perform simulated training with hands-on experience of high-risk activities in a controlled environment.
  • Enable trainers to share the same data and view it across different locations.
HoloLens Remote Assistance

HoloLens Remote Assistance

  • Go beyond video conferencing with quicker solutions from experts by sharing views in real-time.
  • Access relevant work order information from a mobile application anytime, anywhere.
  • Stay hands-free by sharing photos and videos to document the maintenance and repair work for quicker reference.
  • Deploy Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to eliminate errors while enhancing quality with real-time insights into end-to-end tasks.

Dynamics 365 Guides

  • Step-by-step holographic instructions help workers learn while accomplishing their tasks using Microsoft HoloLens.
  • Assist equipment operators in performing complex daily tasks like training, assembling, servicing and repairing without a trainer.
  • Immersive guides can help operators perform operational processes in lesser time, with fewer error rates and greater productivity.
  • Enable workers to get real-time analysis and an immersive learning experience.
Dynamics 365 Guides
Product showcase

Product showcase

  • Assist your sales team to showcase product visuals and customization in their existing environment to interact and understand product functioning.
  • Create a shared understanding between marketers and distributors by providing a better user experience.
  • Allow users to experience your products in 3D with tools for dynamic interactions, material alterations and other manipulations.


  • Create a digital showroom displaying a variety of automobile models by reducing the cost of physical space
  • Provide a 360 degree view and virtual walk-through ability to the buyers to make the decision process simpler
  • Show virtual schematic illustrations of real vehicle components by eliminating the need for constructing a physical prototype
  • Build life-like virtual versions of vehicles to visualize how they operate in various business scenarios
University research


  • Enable care teams to collaborate remotely and carry out virtual patient consultations with real-time spatial information.
  • Improve physician-patient conversations and take informed decisions, making patient experience better.
  • Superimpose 3D views of MRI images and CT scans to help surgeons before and during surgery.
  • Equip healthcare workers to enhance access and care delivery to aging and underserved patients with assisted care options.

HoloLens 2 development for higher levels of productivity and efficiency

Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality For Industrial Applications

Industrial AR with HoloLens plays a key role in various industrial applications by supporting their everyday uses. Industrial AR solutions hold great potential to improve productivity and reduce costs. Our Microsoft augmented reality developers can help in product design and development, maintenance and repair, training, assembly, quality control, order picking, etc.

Our augmented reality apps with HoloLens 2 solutions –

  • Improves productivity, efficiency and safety
  • Gives real-time information to operators for a better understanding
  • Provides real-time remote assistance for guiding workers while operating

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Softweb Solutions is one of the few Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner companies. We have been working on HoloLens applications since the day the device was launched and have developed extensive use cases for it in addition to building MR applications for many industrial companies.

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