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Our engineers have been working on HoloLens projects for the past two years. We have developed HoloLens applications for cross-industry uses, prototypes for experimental use and developed unique use cases that can help transform the way people live and work. We will help you change the way you design your products, collaborate with employees, and visualize abstract 2D diagrams in the form of 3D holograms.


The global augmented reality market is expected to grow significantly to about 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

– Statista

Augmented Field Service

Companies can equip their field technicians with HoloLens headsets and ensure that experienced engineers are present to guide technicians working in remote locations. The technician on the site can work without having to hold a tablet or a laptop and complete the repairs quickly. Field service engineers can carry out disassembly of 3D models, update maintenance tasks status and other information via voice commands.

Construction, engineering and architecture

Though many digital prototyping, designing, and modeling software are available, it has been quite difficult for engineers and designers to show the dynamics and visualize 3D. Hololens apps make it easy for people to deal with designs, concepts and structure, facilitating quick decision-making. A holographic representation provides an unmatched level of real-world proportion, scale, form, and perspective, which brings transparency across the entire construction project.

Manufacturing and product configurator

HoloLens apps can help improve collaboration between different teams across the entire product development process by allowing team members to interact in real-time and be on the same page at all times. The mixed reality enables faster prototyping, 3D model visualization, and faster and more confident decision-making.


Mixed reality is ideal for both STEM college students and in high schools. Medical students can use HoloLens headsets to see the body’s organs and systems without the use of cadavers. Aerospace engineering students can see design schematics as life-size 3D visualizations. Similar types of HoloLens apps can be developed for teaching geography, physics, chemistry, biology, and related subjects. It can be used in online tutoring and in higher education such as nursing, medical training, engineering and construction.


With HoloLens, doctors and dentists can show their patients a 3D view of the organ or section of the mouth that they are going to operate on. More accurate prosthetics can be designed that fit the patient’s anatomy perfectly. HoloLens also has applications in telemedicine.

Why choose us

Softweb Solutions is one of the few Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner companies. We have been working on HoloLens applications since the day the device was launched and have developed extensive use cases for it in addition to building MR applications for many industrial companies.

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HoloLens is the future

Live, work and play using the most advanced mixed reality device in the market by developing holographic experiences with Softweb Solutions