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Softweb Solutions offers custom HoloLens applications tailored according to your requirements. We have hands-on experience in integrating HoloLens solutions with Dynamics 365 Guides and other tools. Being a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner, we develop HoloLens 2 applications to ensure better ROI and transform your business operations.

A creative and strategic transformation partner –

  • Develop custom enterprise-ready HoloLens 2 applications to increase accuracy and output.
  • Improve operational efficiency with immersive experiences.
  • Leverage 3D holograms to enhance product quality and faster time-to-market.

Transform your manufacturing processes with industrial metaverse

Industrial Metaverse

Industrial metaverse offers a simulated environment to design, build, operate and optimize physical systems using immersive technologies in the cloud. Companies can transform their operations, adding resiliency and predictability to the supply chain. Moreover, HoloLens offers collaboration opportunities with other Microsoft tools.

Our HoloLens 2 solutions with Microsoft tools –

  • Stream real-time OT data to optimize availability, quality and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with Azure IoT Hub.
  • Azure Digital Twins allow for both operational efficiencies and simulated analysis.
  • Leverage an array of holographic windows with a Teams call or Remote Assist and operate in an immersive, 3D experience.
  • Allow employees to access video guides or seek help from experts remotely with Dynamics 365 Guides.

Industrial Training with HoloLens 2

  • Enhance the field of view, create accurate 3D visualizations and provide an interactive user interface for on-site technicians.
  • Utilize holographic projections for on-the-job training to reduce complexity and increase understanding.
  • Give field workers immersive learning, real-time analysis and hands-on experience in controlled environments.
  • Dynamic 365 guides help with complex daily tasks such as training, assembly, servicing, and repairing, resulting in increased productivity.
HoloLens Remote Assistance

HoloLens Remote Assistance

  • Go beyond video conferencing with quicker solutions from experts by sharing views in real-time.
  • Access relevant work order information from a mobile application anytime, anywhere.
  • Stay hands-free by sharing photos and videos to document the maintenance and repair work for quicker reference.
  • Deploy Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to eliminate errors while enhancing quality with real-time insights into end-to-end tasks.

Meetings and tradeshows

  • Gain better collaboration with holographic avatars of your colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Virtual conferences and expos to present your ideas and products that are otherwise unmanageable to showcase.
  • Access other Microsoft tools and platforms to present your solutions like PowerPoint, Excel, Teams and more.
Meetings and tradeshows


  • Train and support interns in real-time
  • Display real-time vitals, visualize organs, etc.
  • Visualize vital aspects of the human body
  • Visually project simulations for different situations
  • Provide remote care to patients with mobility issues
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Provide a safe and controlled immersive environment
  • Integrate navigation aids in MRI-guided procedures
  • Obtain tactile feedback from the simulated environment

Gain immersive experience with HoloLens 2 development

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Softweb Solutions is one of the few Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner companies. We have been working on HoloLens applications since the day the device was launched and have developed extensive use cases for it in addition to building MR applications for many industrial companies.







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