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The data-intensive nature of businesses puts business intelligence at the core of success. Softweb’s Power BI developers deliver Power BI solutions and help organizations uncover insights hidden in their data and enhance data exploration.

  • Back up your decisions with BI consulting services
  • Do away with fragmented and costly BI technologies
  • Empower your entire organization with self-service business intelligence

Our Power BI expertise


Our Power BI consultants can assist you through the entire data transformation journey of your business.

  • Create a roadmap to strategize the data plan
  • Evaluate existing systems
  • Implement a modern BI platform

With our Power BI integration services, you can provide your decision makers with the latest insights at their fingertips.

  • Access disparate data sources
  • Enhance data exploration
  • Find insights hidden in your data
Dashboard development

You can customize dashboards and fetch interactive reports developed by our BI experts to make quick business decisions.

  • Create visualizations from multiple datasets
  • View all the key metrics succinctly
  • Customize dashboards as per your business KPIs
Power BI embedded

Our Power BI embedded services allow you to integrate Power BI reports with your existing systems like CRM, ERP, etc

  • Get interactive reporting solutions
  • Drill down into detailed pages
  • Secure access to Power BI reports
Advance analytics

Our data science team can help you leverage advanced analytics with Power BI with integrated R and Python scripts.

  • Provide machine learning capabilities
  • Give visual insights for decision-making
  • Create predictive models from data
Data analytics workshop

Our certified Power BI experts provide workshops customized to your organizational needs to help your team understand the seamless capabilities of data analytics.

  • Exposure to data analysis tools and methods
  • Analyze your data and gain insights
  • Discover hidden data patterns

Power BI consulting services to make your business data-driven

  • Identify patterns, forecast risks and avoid failures
  • Accelerate and improve your decision-making process
  • Drive growth in sales, revenues and profitability
  • Transform, analyze and visualize data using Power BI Desktop
  • Perform ETL operations using SQL Server Integration Services
  • Make advanced, rapid analysis services a priority with the volume, variety and velocity of data
Power BI

Accelerate success with best practices by implementing Power BI services

  • Enhancements and developments
  • Dashboard customization
  • Self-service and embedded analytics
  • Data governance and deployment
  • Upgrades and migrations
  • Support and maintenance

Power BI Proof of Concept Program

Success Stories

Few of the custom Power BI solutions implemented

Oil and gas dashboard

Get a 360-degree view of all your oil and gas operations with the Power BI energy dashboard. Gain insights into critical KPIs to improve the performance of rigs and mitigate risks.

Energy dashboards

With this interactive Power BI dashboard, companies can gain real-time insights into energy production and consumption. Organizations can efficiently manage their operations and offer sustainable solutions.

Dynamic Sales Reporting

A Power BI report for sales can help companies get apt answers to business questions, as well as maximize profitability and efficiency of their operations.

Overall Equipment Efficiency Dashboard

Measuring the efficiency of a company’s equipment can help us understand how well it manages its operations. You can identify areas that need improvement to reach 100% operational efficiency with the help of our Power BI OEE dashboard.

Fleet Management

A real-time dashboard for better road safety, ETA optimization, and better routing to calibrate driving behavior parameters.

Fuel Consumption

With an interactive Power BI dashboard, analyze the fuel consumption trends of employees and view real-time data anytime, anywhere. It helps keep fuel costs under control.

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Why choose us

We empower our clients with the ability to develop relationships, drive innovation, improve operations and build connections while simplifying complex configurations and integrations. We are the top Power BI service providers globally and are primarily known for providing Power BI consulting services in the USA.

  • We have extensive hands-on experience
  • A strong legacy of Microsoft technologies
  • We make the maximum use of the Power BI tool
  • Implemented Power BI dashboard for fortune-100 clients

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