Use data intelligence to maximize your data value with Data360 program

Trapped data hinders insights, innovation, and growth. Analyzed data liberates siloed data to empower businesses with hidden information.

Our Data360 program unifies data from any source, any place, and processes and transforms it. We aim to give you the maximum value from all your data assets. With this, you can align people, processes and technologies around clear KPIs, roles and accountabilities. This enables you to gain actionable intelligence.

Problems we solve
  • Answer every on-demand question in real time for leaders
  • Accessibility of data across line-of-business (LOB) users
  • Time-intensive and complex reporting
  • Recurring technology and people costs
  • Limitation on inclusive growth



  • Map your analytics needs to quantifiable business outcomes
  • Cloud adoption assessment
  • Evaluate platform selection
Data Management

Data Management

  • Define the modern data architecture and access controls
  • Design and implement data pipelines
  • Orchestration, Observability, Monitoring, CI/CD, Automation

Data Engineering

  • Data modeling and schema design
  • Data integration and ETL development
  • Manage metadata, lineage, and cataloging
Data Engineering
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

  • Create compelling visual narratives of complex datasets
  • Ensure user-friendly interfaces for seamless data exploration
  • Enable statistical data analysis, predictive modeling, and insights extraction

Our approach

Discovery and assessment

Discovery and assessment

  • Identify your analytics needs and goals
  • Catalog existing data sources and systems
  • Assess data quality, gaps, and requirements
  • Define key metrics and success criteria
Architecture design

Architecture design

  • Design modern data architecture
  • Define data flows and integrations
  • Create data models and schemas
  • Strategize for scalability, availability and disaster recovery
Integrate and orchestrate

Integrate and orchestrate

  • Integrate disparate sources into unified views
  • Implement ETL/ELT data pipelines
  • Automate and schedule data processing tasks
  • Orchestrate workflows
Migrate, create, and retire

Migrate, create, and retire

  • Migrate existing data to new architecture
  • Create new data stores, lakes, warehouses etc.
  • Decommission legacy systems if needed
  • Map automate data flow within the organization
Govern and secure

Govern and secure

  • Establish data governance framework and policies
  • Implement roles-based access control
  • Encrypt data at rest and in transit
  • Log access and changes for auditing
Operate, run, and deliver

Operate, run, and deliver

  • Monitor performance and usage
  • Support business users with self-service access
  • Provide training and user support
  • Continually enhance with agile development

Program deliverables


Democratized access
to data

Responsiveness to
LOB users

Agile data-analytics

Capabilities for digital

Predictive and prescriptive

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