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Customer Background

The customer is a renowned provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, offering innovative charging stations and software management systems to make EV charging easier and more accessible. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, the company has established itself as a leader in the EV charging industry. With more than 1,000 charging stations across the globe, they are committed to providing reliable and efficient charging solutions to support the growing number of EV drivers worldwide.

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    Tableau, Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite


A leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, faced several challenges that hindered their operations as the demand for clean energy in the transportation sector continued to grow. One of the most significant obstacles they encountered was the installation process for EV charging stations, which involved various stages, from seeking permission and tender approval to installation and project completion. It was crucial to have data visibility during all stages of installation to take proactive measures in case of delays or issues.

The challenges they faced included:

  • Lack of proper data visualization tools and expertise: This resulted in performance issues and made it challenging to manage data during different installation stages.
  • Cumbersome data modeling process: Inability to analyze and visualize data in Excel sheets also made data modeling difficult. They wanted to gauge performance of each station but lacked data visibility.

In today’s fast-paced world, every second counts. Any delays can cost businesses significantly. With the growing demand for electric vehicles, it was imperative for the company to optimize their operations to meet customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

Therefore, the urgency to find a solution to their challenges became paramount.


Softweb Solutions has a team of data analytics experts who worked with them to understand their business requirements and challenges. Through in-depth discussions with the client and collaboration with their consulting team, we proposed a solution that would solve their data visibility problem.

Here are the key features of our solution:

  • Tableau Prep for ETL: To handle the client’s data, which required analysis and visualization in Excel sheets, we proposed using Tableau Prep for extract, transform, load (ETL).
  • Tableau CRM for data governance and modeling: We leveraged Salesforce due to its ease of integration and used Tableau CRM for data governance and modeling.
  • Einstein Analytics for interactive dashboards: We used Einstein Analytics to create interactive dashboards for accurate predictions. With easy data integration, we provided the company with insights such as monthly reports on installation development, project completion forecasts, state-wise and project-wise data on slots and inventory visibility for better supplier management.
  • Identification of top manufacturers: We helped the client to identify the top manufacturers by the make of vehicle that visited a station the most through data visualization.
  • Performance enhancement: We assisted our client to gauge the power consumption of each station to enhance charging stall performance using data visualization.

Softweb Solutions worked closely with us, customizing Tableau CRM and Einstein Analytics to visualize and analyze our data effectively. Their expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout the process, resulting in optimized charging networks and improved customer experiences. Their knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated team has played a significant role in helping us achieve our goals.


Our advanced data analytics solution helps the customer achieve significant benefits, including:

  • Enhanced performance of charging stalls
  • Improved supplier management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Monthly reports on installation development
  • Project completion forecasts for improved planning
  • State/project-wise slot data for better insights
  • Better inventory visibility for risk mitigation
  • Identifying the top manufacturers by the make of vehicle that visited a station the most

Our expertise in tableau data visualization, governance and modeling allows us to provide actionable insights for better decision-making, driving the company’s digital transformation.

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