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Leveraging the power of deep learning techniques, our face recognition services help companies to recognize faces in a crowd, even under difficult scenes with poor lighting situations. With the help of graphical processing units (GPU) or dedicated processors, we empower companies with face detection to get better and clear insights.

GPU-accelerated face recognition

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Visual search engine
  • Object and face detection
  • People and object counting
  • Edge detection

Single technology multiple uses

Face detection tracking

Face recognition enables users to decipher different facial profiles, changing facial expressions, and images or videos captured in low-light environments for sentiment analysis.

Facial identity recognition

With facial identity recognition users can conduct millisecond-level scans of large-scale facial databases and surveillance videos and can quickly recognize ID.

Facial attributes

This use of face recognition services can be deployed in targeted marketing or consumer analysis to better understand the audience and customer.

Facial feature point positioning

With face feature point positioning users can decode wide angle facial profiles and dramatic changes in facial expression. This is widely used for customer segmentation.

Why choose us

We enable our clients with seamless processing of images and video through our face recognition services to get improved insights from variety of uses like sentiment analysis, people counting, access control, customer behavior recognition, and so forth. We have a proven ability to match low resolution facial images with higher accuracy.

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