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PowerApps is a suite of apps, connectors and information platforms that offers a rapid application development (RAD) environment for custom app creation.

At Softweb Solutions, our Microsoft experts know that PowerApps is the right fit for many enterprises to streamline their business processes. We provide guidance and expertise to organizations that want to foster the art of using PowerApps to quickly create custom business applications. Our talented PowerApps developers will walk companies through analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of PowerApps.

Our service offerings



Our PowerApps consulting services include an assessment of our client’s current business processes and determining any gaps between their processes. We enable companies to realize the value of digitization by helping them to modernize their legacy applications.



Our solution architects train business users within a day using hands-on sessions for model-driven and canvas-driven apps. We equip trainees with skill sets to configure and build apps on PowerApps platform with little to no code and limited support from IT experts.



Our PowerApps developers ensure our clients’ needs are met on time and within budget. We have the right skill sets to effectively implement and deploy PowerApps solutions by understanding our clients’ requirements.



We help enterprises to accelerate their implementation of mobile front-end interfaces for legacy systems such as Oracle, SAP and others by using a set of custom connectors and system integrators.

We are your Microsoft Power Platform consulting partner

The Microsoft 365 suite (formerly Office 365) provides robust tools to build apps, automate processes, engage conversationally and analyze data. Within the same suite lies the Power Platform, which is an innovative set of tools offering advanced business solutions. Our experts deliver professional Microsoft Power Platform services for:

  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power Virtual Agent
  • Power BI
We are your Microsoft Power Platform consulting partner

PowerApps Proof of Concept Program

  1. Step 1 – PowerApps consulting

    Our PoC program is designed to help our clients recognize the use of PowerApps for their business. To begin with, we work with our clients to discuss how PowerApps can be used to streamline some processes for a seamless business flow.

    • Getting familiar with the concepts of Microsoft PowerApps and reviewing our clients’ current business process
    • Focusing on understanding our client’s business process and identifying use cases that our clients want to address
    PowerApps consulting
  2. Step 2 – Creating business applications

    During this step, we help our clients build a fully functional and user-friendly business application using PowerApps that elevates their business process. Moreover, any specific requirements and preferences of our clients can be discussed and customized to transform how they conduct their business.

    • Preparing our clients’ environment for provisioning of PowerApps UI/UX
    • Setting up business process workflows and integrating with PowerApps
    Creating business applications
  3. Step 3 – Handover and training

    In the final step, we test the end-to-end solution and roll out any improvements that may be required. This is followed by a training session for our client’s teams’ on how to effectively create business applications using PowerApps as well as sharing tips on connecting SharePoint and OneDrive data.

    • Final walkthrough of testing, training and planning of future steps
    • Understanding the future scope of the solution to drive our client’s digital transformation journey
    Handover and training

Major benefits of building apps with PowerApps

LOB connectors

Data source independent

Process automation

Quick turnaround

Easy maintenance

Improved security

Why choose us

At Softweb Solutions, we practice the best industry standards to help organizations around the world attain the ability to quickly create apps. Using our PowerApps consulting services, enterprises can create custom apps and address their functional necessities at multiple levels. Our Microsoft experts are well-equipped with technical skillsets to help businesses with any complexities by delivering effective solutions.

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