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In the world of ever-growing data, organizations must tap into the power of cloud-based data platforms and analytics services. At Softweb Solutions, we understand the significance of data in today’s digital world and we offer extensive Azure Data Services. Our data experts can help you to modernize your legacy technology stack with end-to-end data services like Azure Machine Learning, Azure Big Data and Analytics, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory and more.

Our experts have a high level of competence and expertise in working on Microsoft cloud-based data services and solutions. We can help you to leverage the best-in-class capabilities for deploying fully managed Microsoft Azure Data Services. Our certified data solution architects can assist you with all of your data management and analytics needs.

Our capabilities to help you get the most from Azure

Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is a fully managed Apache Spark-based unified data analytics platform. It is used to process, manage and analyze big data in real-time as well as explore the data through machine learning models. The Azure Databricks service is tightly connected with Azure Data Lake Storage, HDInsights and SQL Data Warehouse. Our data consultants leverage its capabilities to help organizations build and deploy cloud-native apps, perform faster data transformations in the cloud, develop smarter AI solutions, build scalable streaming solutions and much more. We help our clients transform their business data into powerful insights.

Azure Databricks
Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory is a fully managed, cloud-based data integration and migration service. It allows businesses to transfer, centralize, store, publish and monitor the data from diverse sources. In today’s data-driven world, enterprises are leveraging Azure Data Factory to build reliable code-free pipelines, streamline CI/CD and simplify their ELT/ETL processes at scale. We have tailored Azure Data Factory services to suit modern businesses’ specific business needs and accelerate their data integration journey. Our team of certified data experts assists organizations to get the most out of Azure Data Factory and unlock operational efficiencies. We help our customers to handle complexities and scale big data integration challenges.

Other Azure Data Services Offerings

  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Event Hubs
  • Azure HDInsight

Azure Stream Analytics

With the Azure Stream Analytics service, we help organizations to examine high volumes of data streaming and process those data streams from different IoT sources such as devices, web data sources and other apps on the cloud. This helps businesses to perform real-time analytics on the data with greater reliability and efficiency. Our certified data analytics experts help several businesses to build an end-to-end data streaming and analytics pipeline with built-in machine learning capabilities to gain valuable insights.

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Data Lake Analytics

Azure Data Lake Analytics is a part of Microsoft’s Azure Data Lake solution. We help modern enterprises to leverage this data analytics service to perform big data analysis, process data on-demand and develop parallel programs in R, Python, .NET and U-SQL. Our professional team leverages the capabilities of Azure Data Lake Analytics to transform our customer’s data into powerful insights. This assists organizations to scale their jobs instantly and enhance their level of parallelization, performance and throughput.

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics

In today’s world, businesses need to use data to build business agility and resilience. We, at Softweb Solutions, offer the Azure Synapse Analytics service to enable modern enterprises to bring their big data analytics systems and Azure data warehouse in one place. Our certified data consultants enable our customers to experience the freedom to query data at scale, gain valuable data insights and harness the power of a unified analytics platform.

Azure Stream Analytics

Event Hubs

Event Hubs is a hyper-scale, real-time big data ingestion service that enables the ingestion, processing and storage of data streams in real-time to get rich data visuals and dashboards. It allows businesses to collect, transform and store millions of events from any IoT device. With the help of Event Hubs, we offer enterprises a unified streaming platform for enabling multiple applications to process the data stream. Along with sending and receiving events, our experts can help you to extract the data for streaming analysis and archiving.

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure HDInsight

The Azure HDInsight service enables businesses to store, analyze and process massive amounts of data in hyper-scale environments. Our data scientists leverage its capabilities to build big data apps using open-source frameworks like Kafka, Spark and Hadoop and gain holistic insights. This helps to make informed data-driven decisions, enabling businesses to prevent unexpected failures and maintain enterprise-grade security. With the help of HDInsight service, we help our customers to cover all the angles of big data monitoring from a single platform.

Azure Stream Analytics

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