Experience enhanced operational agility with application modernization services

Legacy app modernization allows you to transform outdated business applications with modern technologies and software to create a powerful platform. We assist organizations in modernizing their legacy applications by updating their IT stack to sustain business goals and development. Our end-to-end application modernization services guarantee enhancement in security, scalability, reliability, agility and efficiency of your business processes.

  • Modify existing disparate systems
  • Adopt new technologies
  • Drive innovation

Our legacy application migration services

Platform migration assessmentWe monitor the performance and configuration of all the running servers and analyze data. We give you suggestions for moving a workload to help you make intelligent migration process decisions.
Platform re-design and architectureWe assist you in moving the database of your monolithic application to the cloud without affecting its onsite function. We re-platform an application to enhance its competence in the real-world environment.
Business process simplification and automationWe help you simplify your business operations to achieve better results by automating repetitive and time-consuming processes with tailored business process automation solutions.
Solution re-engineeringWe examine, analyze and modify your existing applications to rebuild and implement it through reverse engineering, redocumentation, restructuring, translation and forward engineering.
Application modernization services

Application modernization services

We move applications from current computing environment to the cloud, may it be public, private or hybrid. This provides greater flexibility, agility and supports faster innovation. With our application modernization services, we help organizations to:

  • Transform mainframe legacy systems to modern technologies
  • Deploy new architecture for better business values
  • Leverage the latest technology stack
  • Benefit from newer platforms for better functions and flexibility

Modernize your application portfolio cost-effectively

Benefits of legacy application modernization

Real-time global data access and backup

Remote workforce

Better integration with other app ecosystems

Readiness for mobility and AI strategies

Increase revenue




Legacy System Migration

Our legacy system migration and modernization services support your business to become agile, adaptable, up-to-date and quickly adjust to the market’s demand. We help you migrate and translate languages like COBOL, RPG and Pascal to modern languages and frameworks like .NET and Java We also assist you with:

  • Programming of custom automated translation tools for:
    • Databases
    • Languages
    • Operating systems
  • Data conversions, migrations and validation testing.
Legacy System Migration
Data Modernization

Data Modernization

Ensure a seamless transition from a legacy app to a modern platform with clean data migration for optimal business continuity.

  • Streamline the entire data pipeline from sourcing, interpretation to consumption
  • Provide flexible options for on-premises and cloud hosting
  • Flexible data structures for analytics, AI and ML modeling
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Why choose us?

Every organization comprises multiple departments and managing them is a challenging task. Softweb Solutions, as your information technology service provider, can help you to avoid the following IT infrastructure challenges:

  • The costs of keeping business apps operational, updated and secure
  • IT service improvement, information security and user satisfaction issues

Is your company still lacking legacy modernization initiatives?

Transform your business by addressing the digital transformation gap with legacy app modernization services. Contact us now for a free expert consultation.