Experience enhanced operational agility with legacy app modernization services

Legacy system modernization allows you to transform outdated business applications with modern technologies and software to create a powerful platform. We assist organizations in modernizing their legacy systems by updating their IT stack to sustain business goals and development. Our end-to-end app modernization guarantee enhancement in security, scalability, reliability, agility and efficiency of your business processes.

  • Modify existing disparate systems
  • Adopt modern technologies
  • Drive innovation

The global application modernization market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 16.8% to USD 24.8 billion by 2025


Why application modernization is important?

  • Benefits and proof of value
  • Rehost, replatform and refactor
  • Application modernization best practices
  • Challenges faced during transformation
  • Get started with legacy app modernization

Our legacy application modernization offerings

Revitalize your business potential through legacy application modernization. Our experts leverage cutting-edge tech for cloud migration, application reengineering, UI/UX enhancement, and transforming monolithic structures into agile microservices.

Application modernization services

Legacy application modernization services

Move applications from the current computing environment to the cloud, may it be public, private, or hybrid. This provides greater flexibility, agility and supports faster innovation. With our application modernization services, we help organizations to:

  • Transform mainframe legacy systems to modern technologies
  • Deploy new architecture for better business values
  • Leverage the latest technology stack
  • Benefit from newer platforms for better functions and flexibility
Desktop app to web or mobile apps

Desktop app to web or mobile apps

Transfer your enterprise applications to the latest platforms with modern JavaScript libraries to leverage the power of modern tools and technologies. Our legacy transformation services help you boost your web presence with intuitive user interfaces and provide the ideal user experience.

Custom software modernization

Custom software modernization

Improve security, performance, visibility and control of your business activities by upgrading, re-writing and re-architecting obsolete software systems. We help you rearrange crucial tools and systems with existing and future business precedence.

Digital transformation with APIs

Digital transformation with APIs

Integrate crucial applications with internal and external systems. This helps in leveraging data as well as functionalities with API integration and development. Also, this results in lighter, faster and more secure applications that provide better experiences to your end-users.

Legacy to cloud migration

Legacy to cloud migration

Move your IT infrastructure, apps and processes to a secure cloud to minimize infrastructure costs and speed up time-to-market. With our legacy system modernization services, we help you select the right cloud architecture and get the maximum business outcomes.

Data modernization

Data modernization

Modernize your underlying operational databases, minimize the complexity, and enhance agility with data modernization. This makes your applications scalable, secured, dependable, simple to manage and helps you focus on transformation.

  • Update your database
  • Migrate it to the latest version
  • Improve scalability
  • Ensure availability of crucial systems

Cloud modernization

Our developers create applications that operate in the cloud environment and benefit your business from the distributed computing provided by the cloud delivery model using AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. We move your legacy application data center capabilities into the cloud.

  • Run applications on a cloud-based infrastructure
  • Speed-up deployment
  • Reduce time to market
  • Enhance flexibility and accessibility
Cloud modernization
AI and automation

AI and automation

Leverage the power of analytics, machine learning, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to empower your organization to transform into an intelligent enterprise. We automate your complex and recurring business activities, processes and functions using advanced technologies.

  • Improve accuracy, efficiency, visibility and compliance
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Minimize human labor
  • Save time and reduce errors

UI/UX modernization

User interface development adds immense value as an integral part of the app modernization framework. Modern UI applications need to be extremely well-designed to be able to address ever-increasing challenges and expectations. We create a customized and engaging user interface for your end-users.

  • Provide great user experience
  • Retain visitors for a longer time
  • Increase traffic and minimize bounce rates
  • Greater ROIs
UI/UX modernization
Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

We provide technical support services through our Center of Excellence (CoE) unit for post-development maintenance and continuous development. The primary responsibility of the CoE team is to help you with bug fixes and enhancements of your current set of applications. They would also migrate legacy versions of applications to their latest versions.

  • Workforce transformation
  • Application monitoring
  • Weekly/Monthly status reporting
  • Exceptional performance and delivery

Benefits of legacy application modernization


Real-time global data access and backup


Remote workforce compatibility


Better integration with other app ecosystems


Readiness for mobility and AI strategies


Higher scalability


Generate higher ROI




Enhance security and protection

Legacy system modernization service methodology

Agile DevOps MethodologyAgile DevOps helps with agility, speedy delivery, authenticity, wide range of administration, augmented collaboration, protection and more.
ContainerizationOur experts create agile and scalable cloud-native applications. They pack a program’s code, runtime engine, tools, libraries and settings into a single package, making the software easily scalable.
Service meshOur DevOps team uses a service mesh to automatically configure the redirection of requests amid all microservices to ensure that they transmit seamlessly.
DevSecOpsOur developers integrate application security standards and practices into software development that ensure application security while delivering new software and services faster.

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Every organization comprises multiple departments and managing them is a challenging task. Softweb Solutions, as your information technology service provider, can help you to avoid the following IT infrastructure challenges:

  • The costs of keeping business apps operational, updated and secure
  • IT service improvement, information security and user satisfaction issues






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