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Augmented reality is ready for businesses, but are you ready for AR?


It is time to ignite your customers with the power of imagination using our custom augmented reality apps. At Softweb Solutions, we assist growing enterprises to meet the demand for AR apps that are steadily rising by helping you to build interactive AR apps. Here’s what we offer: 

  • An array of augmented development services
  • A team of highly skilled AR app developers
  • A comprehensive portfolio to back up expertise

We deliver interactive Augmented Reality solutions to address your unique challenges

  • AR in manufacturing
  • AR in education
  • AR in warehouse operations
  • AR in indoor navigation
  • AR in oil & gas
  • AR in retail

AR for manufacturing

Increase your operating efficiency by eliminating errors and improving product quality with step-by-step augmented instructions. Deliver AR remote assistance by experts, work instructions, or training modules any time in an AR-rich environment. Additionally, provide industrial AR solutions by using simulated on-the-job training to upskill your existing employees frequently and quickly onboard new employees.

AR in education

Instead of studying theory in a classroom setting, AR offers extra creativity, interactivity and engagement. By pointing to physical objects or an AR marker, you can display graphically animated content in real-time. AR learning decreases the time to master complex topics and is suitable for universities and educational institutions to enhance student’s learning experience.

Warehouse operations

Streamline your warehouse workflows and boost your operational efficiency by building an AR app for warehouse management. AR combines computer-generated assets with the real-world warehouse environment to give employees useful insights into warehouse planning, order picking and inventory management.

AR for navigation

Show virtual instructions in real-world locations and help users to navigate intuitively from point to point by overlaying digital markers in local surroundings through the app. AR-based navigation is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments and helps in way finding. An AR app has a massive impact on how organizations provide their consumers with easier access, helping them get to their destination faster.

AR for oil & gas

AR is uniquely positioned in the oil and gas sector to capitalize large quantities of data, captured from sensors, either from well, refineries, or a remote location. Companies can leverage AR apps to upstream or downstream site operations and deliver a big picture to their customers, from drilling engineers at a site to maintenance engineers in a refinery, without traveling to sites.

AR for retail

Produce and customize things to your customers’ specifications, as well as engage with them in real-time. Retailers can use AR apps to prototype digitally, generate 3D models of their products and make real-time adjustments from remote locations. Using AR, you can enable customers to compare prices, seek additional product details, as well as modify product features and color.

Accelerate your business growth with Augmented Reality

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Softweb Solutions Inc. has hands-on experience on various projects based on augmented reality. We have a team of excellent and certified developers that ensures error-free and cutting-edge solutions. We build user-friendly and engaging applications to cater to the audience.

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