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Augmented Reality (AR) has become a vital part of almost all industries ranging from manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas, agriculture, constructions and others. Softweb Solutions is an AR development company helping businesses to improve their customer experiences.

Our team of Augmented reality developers can build AR solutions with capabilities such as 360-degree panoramic imaging, location-based tracking, 3D modeling & visualization, real-time character identification and others. We also develop augmented reality applications for unique user experiences, improved information access, easy visualization of an object in a personalized context, enhance brand awareness and drive business growth.


The augmented reality market forecast is expected to hit $70-$75 billion in revenue by 2023.

Our custom AR app development services include

Superimposition-based AR app

We can develop a superimposition-based AR application for object recognition in order to superimpose an entire object or a part of it with an augmented view.

Projection-based AR App

Our AR experts can develop AR applications with the capability of displaying interactive or non-interactive digital images on physical objects to create a projection of those objects.

Marker-based AR App

We can build an AR app that detects and tracks marker-rich objects and replaces them with images and display virtual information to enable 3D visualization to add make relevant changes to the real object.

Location-based AR App

We can create a location-based AR app that detects the location of an asset by using the smart devices’ GPS, accelerometer and compass to provide appropriate information on the screen, which does not need any special markers.

Remote assistance

An AR-enabled solution offers remote expert guidance and work instructions at any given time, on any device in an AR-rich environment. Similarly, it also enables an expert to add AR-related work instructions or training modules to support an operator whenever needed.

Product configurator

Enables manufacturers to build and customize a product as per customer demand and interact with products in real-time. With AR app development, manufacturers can prototype virtually, create 3D images of the product and make real-time changes from remote locations.

Augmented commerce

Augmented commerce digitizes touchpoints and enables personalization for customers by offering a consistent cross-channel experience that accelerates targeted marketing campaigns. It also serves as a product catalog offering immersive AI-enhanced experiences to customers to explore, understand and make better purchase decisions.


An AR app delivers real-time information by pointing on physical objects or an AR marker to view graphically animated content and make the information consumption process easier for trainees. Whether it is field service, healthcare or classroom education, an AR solution helps to conduct training in a safer environment by improving the learning experience and skills acquisition of trainees.

Visual inspection

Make use of AR for quality assurance by equipping the users with greater flexibility, mobile control and seamless production process monitoring. The AR headset projects additional information on the real object by overlaying video images. This enables a direct comparison of the produced object with the original one and identifies discrepancies to prevent defects.

Warehouse operations

Streamline warehouse workflows and boost operational efficiency by investing in AR applications for warehouse management. The AR technology combines computer-generated assets with the real-world warehouse environment to provide the staff with useful insights to optimize warehouse planning, order picking and inventory management.

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Softweb Solutions Inc. has hands-on experience on various projects based on augmented reality. We have a team of excellent and certified developers that ensures error-free and cutting-edge solutions. We build user-friendly and engaging applications to cater to the audience.

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