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Extended reality acts as a catalyst for digital transformation. Our team of experts has developed several solutions in AR, VR, MR that cater to the specific business requirements of our clients. Our extensive experience in building XR solutions helps businesses to streamline their operational processes, increase productivity, accelerate the development process and reduce time to market products. Our XR solutions also help you to:

  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Reduce training timelines
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Provide personalized, immersive experiences and more.

Platforms and devices

Oculus QuestOculus Quest 2
HoloLens 2HoloLens 2

Real-world applications of extended reality


With the help of VR and AR tools, you can conduct on-the-job training for new employees. You can also guide them to handle diverse situations where they will have to perform maintenance and repairs. It eliminates high-cost training programs with step-by-step MR guidance that:

  • Increases training efficiency
  • Improves knowledge acquisition and retention
  • Reduces training time by 85%
  • Saves $30 per labor hour on average
Product showcase

Product showcase

There are situations where it is not possible to present the actual product to a prospective buyer. In such scenarios, AR and VR can simulate a spatial configuration and user experience and help your team finalize a deal or accomplish a task.

  • Visualize how a product will fit in the desired space
  • Virtual try before you buy
  • Seamless integration of physical and augmented objects
  • Share accurate measurements with engineering and operations teams

Product configurator CPQ

Customize a product to meet the requirements of a customer with a product configurator CPQ tool. It helps you to provide personalized, immersive experiences to enable the sales team to showcase the working of complex product offerings and gain valuable insights. It also helps you to reduce the quoting cycle with instant, visual quotes.

  • Create and edit quotes in real-time
  • Provide pricing transparency and consistency across channels
  • Eliminate product combination errors
  • Avoid miscalculated costs and quoting delays
  • Streamline the ordering process
  • Configure the best solutions for your customers
Product configurator CPQ
Digital Twin

Digital Twin

We create a 360° representation of your entire product lifecycle through which you can assess its behavior and facilitate your organization to enhance safety, stability and profitability. A digital twin empowered by IoT and real-time data can help different industries in:

  • Product development and design customization
  • Shop floor performance improvement
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Optimize warehouse design and operational performance
  • Customer modeling & simulations

Remote assistance

Extended reality helps technicians to identify a product easily in the field. They can contact specialists remotely, take guidance and accomplish the service without delays. It saves traveling time, cost and hassles.

  • Instant support in real-time to remotely address issues faster
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Avoid travel costs
  • Conduct routine inspections and audits remotely
Remote assistance

Engage, immerse and interact with extended reality services

Product experience designMake decisions faster by interacting with real products in virtual space, before developing a physical proof of concept.
Conceptual prototypingDesign a prototype in 3D to review the concept, see how design changes in real-time and visualize the final product.
3D content developmentImprove evaluation efficiency with a 3D representation of models instead of traditional 2D imaging.
Texturing and material designsDesign material and texture in 3D models and make the products look real-life counterparts and more realistic.
Mobile AR app developmentWe build mobile AR applications by augmenting real world elements to deliver useful visual experiences. It helps you present your content in an engaging manner to enhance user experience.
HoloLens app developmentDeveloping customized enterprise-ready HoloLens 2 applications that augment visual capabilities, provide operational assistance and increase user accuracy and output.

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The extended reality market is projected to reach the size of USD 125.2 billion by 2026; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.6% from 2021 to 2026.


The journey from your problem to our solution



This is the first phase where our team of experts works with you to identify and analyze the problem. This requires an in-depth analysis and considerations from different stakeholders’ viewpoints.

UI/UX design and prototype

UI/UX design and prototype

This is the second phase where we create attractive UI/UX designs using the latest designing tools to deliver a user-friendly experience. After this, we choose a simple use case and build a prototype for your solution.

Development & testing

Development & testing

This is the third phase where our developers develop and integrate customized user interactions to give the desired outcome as defined in the first phase of development. Then we run the solution through multiple checkpoints for quality assurance and test the solution for desired results.

Deployment and training

Deployment and training

This is the fourth and final phase where we deploy and release the application and train your team to use it efficiently. You can use it for different technical applications. The application is updated with AWS and Azure clouds constantly.

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