Build extended reality experiences with Softweb Solutions

The reality–virtuality continuum covers virtual reality (a completely immersive virtual experience) on one end and augmented reality (which augments the user’s real worldview with digital objects) with mixed reality falling in the middle. This entire spectrum is called extended reality (XR). We will help you choose the right technology (AR, VR, or MR) as well the related devices and services.

Build AI-based XR apps for better human-machine interaction

AI-powered XR apps can be used to determine what kind of interface a user wants or show him a UI that is appropriate for the situation.

The technology behind this is machine vision and the blending of gestural recognition and tracking within XR solutions.

Interested in deploying an AR-based field service solution?

Then you will love Field Alpha, Softweb’s AR FSM solution that can be used with any of the popular AR headsets, tablets, or smartphones.

The application gives field technicians the ability to have two-way video or audio communication, get AR annotations on their tablets, and enables real-time collaboration between them and the subject matter experts sitting in remote offices.

Extended Reality Proof of Concept Program

Problem statement identification

Our solution architects will understand your business needs


Viability assessment

We will deliver a final report on which features and use cases can or should be converted into a holographic experience



One feature of your existing application will be converted into a holographic experience


3D hologram designing

We will help your product designers to create virtual objects in the form of holograms


Use cases consultation

We will create a use case, based on the problems identified


Softweb Solutions – we are the best at what we do

Softweb Solutions - we are the best at what we do

Enriching immersive & collaborative experience

We build innovative XR solutions by combining 3D interfaces and interactive design that includes auditory as well as visual displays.


Navigate the new normal with innovative COVID-19 monitoring solutions

Date: Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020
Time: 10:30AM TO 11:15AM CT