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To help enterprises make their business processes more efficient with hands-free tasks, Softweb Solutions delivers comprehensive smart glasses app development services. With extensive specialization, our experts can empower you to build a fully connected workplace through interactive smart glasses platforms. To prepare you for the forthcoming wave of digital transformation, we offer advanced smart glasses services that provide:

  • A truly unique wearable computing experience
  • Hands-free information and interactivity
  • Smartphone-grade capabilities
  • Collaborative working experience 

Our service offerings


Smart glasses consulting services

Our experts provide consulting services to help our clients evaluate their existing setup, conceptualize the idea and propose a solution that best suits their needs.

UI/UX design and prototype

Smart glasses app development

From consulting and prototyping to integration, our experts offer end-to-end app development services for smart glasses to help our clients unlock infinite possibilities.

Development & testing

Backend development

Our team of professionals offers backend development support, including creating interactive dashboards, managing users, handling data workflow and more.

Deployment and training

Integration and deployment

Our smart glasses integration services help our clients to integrate enterprise-grade applications with a smart wearable device or vice versa.

Softweb Solutions’ collaboration with leading smart glasses

Google glassesGoogle glasses
Toshiba DynaEdgeToshiba DynaEdge

Business applications of smart glasses applications

Remote assist

  • Hands-free video collaborations between experts and frontline workers anywhere, anytime
  • Live video conferencing and real-time insights to optimize worker performance
  • Remote execution to manage enterprise procedures, inspections and work instructions efficiently
  • Live visual AR interactions present seamless service management digital workflows
Remote assist
Vision picking

Vision picking

  • Access to information such as SKUs (stock-keeping units) and the total count of items on the location
  • Order preparation through voice commands and barcode scanning approaches
  • Language-independent guided navigation through the warehouse
  • Vision recognition adds an extra layer of automation for task or activity confirmation

Virtual training

  • Self-guided employee training and onboarding deliver a truly virtual learning experience
  • Hands-free navigation to instructions in the form of 3D holograms, schematics and videos
  • On-the-job guidance to the field workers to enhance their safety and security
  • Remote inspections and audits to check the product quality without traveling onsite
Virtual training
Smart glasses app development
Case Study

Smart glasses app for warehouse product pickup management

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. Their warehouse workers relied on physical documents to pick up items and track shipments, making it cumbersome. So, our team of experts proposed a highly functional wearable app to help their workers increase their productivity and save time. The app allows them to:

  • Scan the item through barcodes
  • Enter the quantity to be picked
  • Cancel the pickup with a code

Why choose us

Softweb Solutions is one of the few Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner companies. We have been working on HoloLens applications since the day the device was launched and have developed extensive use cases for it in addition to building MR applications for many industrial companies.







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