Accelerate your journey
to the cloud

Softweb Solutions has AWS certified solution architects which helps us guide enterprises on how to run mission-critical applications on the AWS cloud.

Our experienced AWS experts will guide you in determining the cloud infrastructure for scenarios such as existing infrastructure migration or building a new cloud. Our team of AWS developers offers continuous support, helps in creating cloud strategies, and create solutions in order to maximize your investment using various AWS services.

Combination of AWS & AI

AWS offers ML application services and ML platform services, which includes a video analysis service, NLP service, and a translation service. Moreover, AWS also provides Lex, MXNet, SageMaker and Rekognition, services for the development of advanced AI-based applications.

Combination of AWS & AI

Our 5 step AWS cloud consulting process:

Cloud readiness assessment

We do a feasibility study of your infrastructure to see if your firm is ready for cloud adoption.


Cloud implementation roadmap

We define the start to end implementation plan as per your exact business requirements.


Cloud cost analysis

We help you know when, where and how much you are going to spend for moving on to AWS.


Cloud strategy

We identify the current state of the apps, infrastructure tools, methods and the organization’s readiness.


Cloud assets suitability

We conduct workshops to find out which tools, technologies, and methodologies are needed.