Our data engineering services bridge the gap: Empowering your access to quality insights

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As advanced data specialists, we know enterprises need more value from their overwhelming, fragmented data. Our strategic data engineering integrates cloud data lakes, builds real-time analytics pipelines, securely stores enterprise data, and deploys machine learning. Whether you need help developing a data strategy, implementing complex solutions, or integrating data platforms to drive efficiency and outpace competitors, we provide the foundations and infrastructure to help you innovate.

Our offerings as a data engineering consulting services provider

Data strategy and consulting

  • In-depth data infrastructure assessments
  • Strategic data roadmapping
  • Customized data solution design

Data processing solutions

  • Scalable pipelines
  • Automated ETL offloading
  • Real-time streaming
  • Data integration

Data storage solutions

  • Cloud infrastructure builds
  • Hybrid model support
  • Backup optimizations
  • Enterprise data warehousing
  • Multi-cloud accessibility

Data governance solutions

  • Centralized metadata management
  • Holistic data policy optimization
  • Automated data lineage tracking
  • Access controls and security protocol

Fueling success: Your data engineering services and solutions partner


We are a data engineering consulting company that uses Snowflake to enable businesses to easily, transform, and deliver data to generate valuable insights.


We analyze our clients’ requirements to focus on storage, migration, transformation and data structuring for analytics and reporting using AWS.


Our experts analyze our clients’ entire business model to develop data analytics solutions and suggest the right methods for integrating, transforming, and consolidating data using Microsoft Azure.

Success Stories

Our data engineering capabilities

Data pipelines

Get customized ETL or ELT data pipelines tailored to your infrastructure. Our data engineers craft pipelines from scratch or utilize cloud services to fully extract, transform, structure, and securely load data into optimized storage. We ensure scalable end-to-end pipelines that meet your business needs.

Data lakes and warehouses

Consolidate your digital information into structured data repositories to organize storage and power analytics. Our experts can build cloud data lakes to capture and transform raw enterprise data as well as design enterprise data warehouses to store refined, business-ready information.

Data analytics

Diverse data analytics approaches include descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive methods to uncover valuable insights. By thoroughly analyzing past events and identifying root causes, we deliver actionable forecasts to guide future direction. Our experts help determine the optimal data analysis strategies to meet your decision-making needs.

Data engineering tools we leverage for development

Transform your business with comprehensive data engineering solutions from Softweb Solutions

A data-driven approach will rule the future. We empower data-driven decision-making.

Why choose us

Our proven data engineering services empower data-driven business decision making. We transform complex data into actionable insights for maximum impact. Our data specialists architect the data foundations to accelerate success.

  • Our data engineering expertise brings business data to life through leading BI and analytics tools including Tableau, Power BI, and more.
  • Proven cross-industry expertise implementing flexible data solutions aligned to your engagement preferences – from consulting to staff augmentation and managed outcomes.
  • Partnership with industry leaders like Microsoft, AWS, and more.






Products and solutions




What types of data sources do you work with?

Our data engineers have experience across many data sources – relational databases, non-relational datastores, streaming data, IoT data, cloud storage, on-prem data warehouses, SaaS applications, and more.

How do you ensure data security and compliance?

We architect infrastructure with encryption, access controls and data security best practices top of mind. Solutions can meet compliance needs like HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX based on industry standards and regulations.

What is the difference between ETL vs ELT data processing?

ETL involves extracting, transforming and then loading data while ELT extracts, loads and then transforms data already in the target system like a data warehouse. We implement the best approach based on use case. Read more: ETL vs. ELT

What does a typical data engineering project timeline look like?

Many projects span 6-12 weeks depending on complexity. We focus on rapid prototyping and agile delivery to accelerate ROI. Contact us at info@softwebsolutions.com for custom delivery time estimates.

How can data engineering help my business?

Data engineering creates the necessary data foundations that empower businesses to generate valuable insights through reporting, visualizations, machine learning and AI applications. It offers informed decision making.