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Data silos, diverse formats, data explosion and the fact that data is scattered across many data centers and clouds and processed by disparate tools – all act to increasing the quality and time gap between data and action.

Our end-to-end data engineering services fill that data quality and time gap by empowering your organization’s access to finished, clean and uncompromised data and insights. Softweb Solutions’ data engineering consulting services help you spend less time managing data pipelines. We enable organizations to attain new efficiency peaks in data operations and discover data’s real potential.

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How data engineering works at Softweb

Seize every business moment with efficient data engineering

Drive an absolute data quality with the shortest time to insight. Softweb Solutions’ data engineering pipeline democratizes access, simplifies enterprisewide data-driven actions and fully supports scalability.

Problem statement establishment

  • Problem contextualization
  • Goals first, technology second
  • Establish and justify data engineering need
  • Problem statement documentation

Data ingestion

  • Create data repositories
  • Relevant and real-time data ingestion
  • Data ingestion with context and speed
  • Move data quickly, securely and efficiently

Data cleansing

  • Perform thorough data auditing
  • Remove corrupt and inaccurate data
  • Mend faulty data and fuzzy data matching
  • Data transformation using scaling and normalization

Data validation

  • Check the accuracy and quality of data
  • Ensure that data is clean, consistent and complete
  • Check the functionality of all downstream systems
  • The invalid data is not saved or used

Data processing

  • Turn unbounded, unordered data sets into structured, indexed storage
  • Translate raw data into machine-readable form as per the business logic
  • A high-level API-driven pipeline converts data into a series of steps
  • Employ ETL/ELT techniques considering data source and

Data analysis

  • Organize data in a manner yielding answers to the questions
  • Employ features like forecasting, trending, clustering, outliers
  • Decode messages contained within the obtained data
  • Analyze data to drive informed business decision-making

Machine learning modeling

  • Mathematical algorithms focused on business goals
  • Model training
  • Precision and recall tuning
  • Ensure the model’s predictive power

Continuous model evaluation

  • Model evaluation through classification or regression metrics
  • Evaluate AI models using multi-dimensional decision boundaries
  • Optimize statistical efficiency & quality
  • Evaluate results with business goals defined earlier

Data engineering tools we leverage

Depending on the business problem statement, we use different data engineering tools. However, the most common are:

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Why choose us

Softweb Solutions’ data engineering team employs a 360-degree approach to offer holistic data engineering services and solutions. Our team of qualified data engineers builds data pipelines that gather, process, store, and help access the right data at the right time to help you make timely business decisions. We:

  • Build data architecture with extreme simplification and minimalism
  • Construct a data model that amplifies decision-making processes
  • Rekindle the spirit of data-inspired operations through data integration
  • Leverage data engineering technologies for data-driven decision making

Transform your business with Softweb Solutions’ data engineering pipeline

The data-driven will rule the future. We empower data-driven decision-making.