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Softweb Solutions’ mobile app development services offer your employees a secure and enhanced digital experience on portable devices. Being a mobile app development company, we enable you to meet the rising challenges of digital disruption and changing customer expectations with our end-to-end app development solution. This lets you accomplish your goals faster in an efficient and cost-effective way with the help of the following services:

  • Custom iOS and Android app development
  • Native and cross-platform solutions
  • UI/UX design
  • Consulting and prototyping
  • Automated QA and testing
  • Embedded Android and AOSP customizations
  • Maintenance and support

Achieve greater efficiency with our app development services

iOS app development services

iOS app

We leverage popular iOS app development technologies like Swift, Objective-C, etc., to deliver a fully functioning iOS mobile app. We build clean, efficient interfaces to create engaging user experiences.

Android app development services

Android app

Softweb Solutions offers end-to-end Android mobile app development services to assist you in reaching more customers through user-centric UI/UX design, seamless integration, easy deployment, and support.

Cross-platform app development services

Cross-platform app

Our cross-platform mobile app developers create clean cross-platform code. We build cross-platform apps with various platform-specific tools, UI kits and architecture types that best fit your business needs.

IoT mobile app development services

IoT mobile app

Our IoT app developers build interactive, scalable and feature-rich IoT mobile apps. We implement custom dashboards and reporting modules for optimized data visualization to reach more business goals.

Our enterprise mobile app development services

  • Mobile app strategy
  • Mobile app design
  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile app support and maintenance
  • Mobile app modernization
  • mCommerce
  • Superapp development

Mobile app strategy

We strategize your app to meet any use case – now and in the future. We keep the app light and fast. We design for elegance, integrate analytics, run A/B tests and create a strategy to drive downloads.

Our mobile app strategizing services include:
  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Architecture design and technology selection
  • UX and UI design wireframes
  • Integration planning
  • Cost breakdown and optimization

Mobile app design

Our designers take care of the tiniest design elements and decluttering. We ensure that your users achieve their goals with minimum cognitive load and through the fewest possible taps, swipes and scrolls.

Our mobile app designers take care of your needs by ensuring:
  • Brand-consistent UI design
  • User-friendly UI designing
  • Accommodating all complex functionality on mobile screen
  • Feedback-driven iterative UI/UX updates

Mobile app development

We start with choosing the best mobile app development platform for you. Whether it would be Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter or any other. We consider company goals and engagement strategies.

Our developers keep the following points in mind when designing your app
  • Develop fast and stable app
  • Decide on native app development
  • End-to-end customized development
  • Feature-rich app development services

Mobile app support and maintenance

Our mobile app support and maintenance services assure your app’s competitiveness, robustness and security. We do it by performance, feedback and analytics monitoring.

Long healthy life of app is made certain through:
  • Troubleshooting app/server configuration issues
  • Guiding materials for app users
  • Ensuring the security and integrity of your business and data
  • Long-term cooperation with support and maintenance
  • App updates to ensure new device compatibility

Mobile app modernization

We modernize your apps and make them future-ready. Our mobile app developers make sure that you reinvent business operations and achieve business visibility and agility through app modernization.

Our app modernization services include:
  • Application modernization consulting
  • Convert websites into mobile apps
  • Legacy system to cloud migration
  • Application reengineering
  • Application containerization
  • App re-coding for automation and customization
  • Microservices implementation


With features like easy check-out, payment integration and more, you can offer enhanced customer experience. Our mobile app developers ensure robust, feature-rich mCommerce app development.

Our team ensures the quality delivery of the app through:
  • Multiple store support
  • Device compatibility
  • Create B2B and B2C shopping experiences
  • Enhanced security feature for mcommerce apps
  • Scalability and support
  • User-friendly and personalized experience

Superapp development

A superapp is an ecosystem of multiple apps for employees, users, stakeholders and more, under one roof. With in-depth knowledge about front-end, back-end and low code development, our adept app developers provide you mobile app design and development services.

We help our clients design superapps by considering all the following factors:
  • Multiple customized features in a single app
  • Choosing the right technology stack for business
  • Deployment and maintenance
  • Aligning app features with business goals
Why hire Softweb’s mobile app developers

Hire mobile app developers to enhance your business

Our top-notch mobile app developers can quickly adapt to your ever-evolving business needs and deliver end-to-end mobile apps faster.

  • Custom mobile app development: Make your business more seamless and smarter with a tailored-made mobile app.
  • Align app with growth: We take a consultative approach to app development to make our customers’ win.
  • Experience matters: We have solved app-related challenges almost in every industry. So, we bring a wealth of information to your business problems that only comes with experience.
  • A friendly touch: We have skilled developers. However, working with us is meant to feel like we’re an extension of your team.






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Softweb Solutions Inc. offers all-embracing end-to-end enterprise mobile app development services from development, design, testing to support and maintenance. Our mobile app developers are well-versed to meet your specific business needs. We help enterprises to lead through mobile-first digital transformation with a holistic approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my business goals and objectives for developing an enterprise mobile strategy?

We are sure that you know your company’s business priorities. Nevertheless, if you want to verify, we have listed some questions.

  • What are the corporate objectives of my company?
  • How can enterprise mobile strategy initiatives help my company achieve its corporate objectives?
  • If my company adopts an enterprise mobile strategy, will that increase or decrease the company’s flexibility? If favorable, to what extent?
  • What sort of customer and employee experience does my company wish to create with an enterprise mobile strategy? Are these unique? If so, how and why?
  • Once an enterprise mobile strategy is in place, will my managers and C-suite executives be able to adjust to the changes?

Upon answering the critical questions mentioned above, you’ll be able to define whether developing an enterprise mobile strategy can fulfill your business goals and objectives or not.

What is an enterprise mobile strategy in simple terms?

It is just a framework that encompasses your business, technologies, and people and processes you have into one unified sphere. It integrates mobility as a technology with the rest of the ecosystem to allow organizations to define and practice their mobile engagement.

When accessing apps and data, what devices will my employees use?

Usually, employees have their mobile phones and tablets. The usage of personal devices to access company data and applications can lead to security risks. Such a situation causes a dilemma for companies.

We understand that bringing your own device (BYOD) is a trend. However, the disadvantages are higher hacking risk, support issues and increased cost of managing multiple types of devices and apps. Therefore, you must discuss with your enterprise mobile app developers the policies to address which devices employees can use to access company data and applications.

Instead, your company can select one or both platforms like iOS or Android and provide devices and apps to all employees. This way, you can give your IT department more control over your devices, data and apps.

What is the role of data in enterprise mobile app?

Data, as everybody knows, is a significant consideration while crafting an enterprise mobile strategy.

Consider a typical use case of sales representatives and managers who frequently need to view and add sales opportunities and lead information. One can consider the following questions while developing employee-focused data access:

How much lead and contact information do you need to feed into and display on your mobile app?
Will you need to control user access levels to ensure the integrity of the added data?
Where are these sales data stored, and what is the best way to access the data in your employee’s app?
Is there a need to process added data locally before being pushed back to the database?

Considering the point of data security and compliance, an in-depth understanding of how the company will use data and the people who will access it has an exceptional value.

Why do I need somebody to execute my enterprise mobile strategy when I can build it myself?

Check these three things – skill sets, schedules and budget. A complete understanding of these resources can help you to decide whether you need somebody else’s help or not.

You will find that the process – from ideation to execution – would require a mix of internal and external resources. It is unlikely that your company can have all the expertise and workers you need to take care of each process step.

For example, you may have skilled back-end engineers but still need an extended team of front-end programmers and platform-specific developers (mobile web, iOS, and Android). In other cases, you might have a complete technical team, but you lack the marketers and business development staff to plan a go-to-market strategy for your applications.

Other necessities of building an enterprise mobile app in-house include hiring new technical staff, buying and implementing other software applications, such as mobile device management tools and managing your devices and apps once they’re developed and launched.

Whether you are building or buying, it is an important decision, which requires many considerations.

How will I manage my enterprise mobile strategy and who will be taking the authority?

Many different departments – engineering, marketing, IT, sales, operations and others – participate in mobile strategy. Hence, it is crucial to identify who owns what part of the process and who is responsible for the whole plan.

Policies need to be established and implemented for BYOD, mobile device management, protection, access and app usage. You must create and maintain new processes.

That’s why it’s essential to plan the mobile strategy – before, during and after launch. That can define the roles and responsibilities of each team and employee.

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