DevOps as a Service: Streamline processes in a cross-functional environment

At Softweb Solutions, we practice DevOps for creating and delivering projects to enable developers and operators to collaborate closely every day. DevOps enables designers, solution architects, developers, testers, and integrators to merge into cross-functional teams with improved transparency and agility. We ensure stability, aligned workflow, continuous integration, and quick adaption to change.


By 2020, at least 80% of the practices identified with DevOps and Mode 2 will be adopted by traditional Mode 1 groups, up from less than 10% today.

– Gartner

DevOps ensures

  • 200X

    More Frequent

  • 24X

    Faster Recovery

  • 3X

    Lower Change
    Failure Rates

  • 22%

    Less Time On
    Unplanned Work

Our DevOps way

If processes were marathons, we’d be buried in gold

Our DevOps way
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Why choose us

Our DevOps experts help organizations with solutions to achieve their goals, quickly and consistently, producing great products and services. We have years of experience with automation. Our tech wizards assist you with compound delivery across digital and enterprise applications.

Automate & measure performance of the delivery pipeline efficiently.

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We ensure to provide adept DevOps solution for seamless workflow