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Many organizations traditionally keep up the usage of video surveillance for security measures. By utilizing these existing investments with video analytics, multiple business units can use video analytics services in impactful ways. Softweb Solutions can help you achieve it by:

  • Pixel by pixel analysis
  • Access archived footage
  • Remote monitoring
  • Extract smallest details

Our AI-powered video analytics services

Video processing and analysis

Video processing and analysis

Extract valuable insights from your video data through real-time processing techniques.

  • Anomaly detection
  • Video restoration
  • Automated video annotation

People tracking

Gain insights into customer behavior, optimize store layout, and improve security with accurate people tracking capabilities.

  • Walking route identification
  • In-depth crowd analysis
  • Multi-person tracking
People tracking
Object detection and tracking

Object detection and tracking

Identify and track objects in your videos for various applications, including anomaly detection and inventory management.

  • Intruder alarms
  • Security lighting
  • Inventory management

Vehicle detection and identification

Automate vehicle detection and identification for traffic monitoring, access control, and security purposes.

  • Traffic flow analysis
  • License plate recognition
  • Monitoring of illicitly parked vehicles
Vehicle detection and identification
Semantic segmentation

Semantic segmentation

Differentiate various objects within a video frame to gain deeper contextual understanding for applications like scene analysis and autonomous vehicles.

  • Pedestrian detection
  • Face detection
  • Medical imaging

Pattern recognition

Identify specific behaviors, anomalies, and trends within your video data to make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.

  • Pattern identification
  • Neural pattern recognition
  • Video data collection
Pattern recognition

Why settle for ordinary? Act smarter with Softweb’s video analytics services

Value-driven solutionsOur cost-effective solutions ensure you optimize both time and budget without sacrificing quality. Our flexible time zone coverage further streamlines operations, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
Cutting-edge analyticsWe use world-class analytical tools and cutting-edge techniques, empowering you with actionable insights that drive excellence. Our video analytics services propel your organization toward data-driven decision making.
Accurate resultsFueled by the industry’s best infrastructure, rigorous quality standards, and a team of data science experts, we deliver unwavering accuracy you can rely on, allowing you to make confident decisions with every step.
Top-notch securityWe safeguard your data with a robust combination of automated and manual quality assurance systems. Additionally, our strict adherence to stringent data and security regulations, like HIPAA, guarantees the highest level of protection for your sensitive information.

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