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Analyzing right data at the right time gives companies an edge to stay ahead of the competition. AWS data analytics is a competitive differentiator to drive the digital transformation in an organization. Our AWS services for data analytics, migration, modernization, automation, data optimization, security and managed services help businesses to work seamlessly while making insights-driven decisions.

By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency. – Gartner

If you are one of the companies from the 90% lot, then our AWS data analytics is just what you need to push your journey towards enhancing competency. And if you are still at the initial stage – thinking about adopting analytics, our data experts can guide you to make a savvy decision.

Our AWS analytics services

ConsultingOur expert AWS data consultants help you to gain enterprise-wise data access and better understand key business problems. They choose the right AWS tool that can address your data challenges efficiently. With thorough consultation, we gain in-depth knowledge about your infrastructure and data requirements.
IntegrationData integration is a crucial aspect in the data analytics journey. Our AWS certified data analysts enable you to consolidate information from disparate sources. We leverage tools like AWS Lake Formation, Glue, etc., for master data management.
ImplementationOur data scientists help you to integrate enterprise data for operational and analytical models to transform your firm into an insights-driven organization. From leveraging the best-in-class AWS tools, we offer secure data analytics implementation solutions.
Maintenance and supportOur data experts work onsite to model the data and algorithms to ensure iterative usage of the models. To keep the data analytics models up and running at critical time, we offer real-time solutions to your queries.

Gain a competitive edge with AWS Data Analytics services.

AWS tools we leverage

  • AWS Athena
  • Amazon CloudSearch
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Lake Formation

AWS Athena

Our adept data analytics team can help you to analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL with AWS Athena. It requires no extra infrastructure modifications as it is serverless and allows you to pay for the queries you run.

Amazon CloudSearch

Our AWS certified data analytics specialists can help you to utilize search capabilities on your websites or applications with Amazon CloudSearch. It can also enable you to scale search domain’s resources up or down as needed.

Amazon Redshift

Analyze structured or semi-structured data across data warehouses, third-party datasets and data lakes with Amazon RedShift. It SQL to deliver the best suitable analytics solutions at any scale. You can improve query speed and get faster insights.

Amazon Lake Formation

Our data experts will help you centralize, store and set up data lake with Amazon Lake Formation. It uses AWS Glud Catalo to offer you a secure data repository to store your raw and analyzed data.

Other AWS tools

Amazone EMR
Amazone Elastic
Amazone kinesis
Amazone Quicksight
Amazone Data Pipeline
AWS Glue
Amazone MSK

Benefits of our AWS data management services

Reduced operational costs

Reduced operational costs

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Improved data security

Improved data security

Easier data migration

Easier data migration

Analytics-driven insights

Analytics-driven insights

Data and analytics scalability

Data and analytics scalability

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Why choose us

Adopting analytics has become a thriving need for companies looking to change their business paradigm. With hands-on experience in data analytics for over a decade, our certified AWS data analytics experts bring their best to the table to solve your data challenges.

  • Store and manage enterprise data, IoT data, transactional or operational data
  • Analyze big data efficiently to get insights from critical business data
  • Perform ad-hoc analysis, run interactive queries, process and analyze streaming data with seamless AWS data analytics implementation
  • Monitor information to create algorithms for forecasting various organizational processes

Address your business problems with AWS data analytics

AWS analytics solutions for all your data-related requirements