Work-life 2.0: Redefine the office life during and after the crisis with COVID-19 monitoring solutions

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As the lockdown rules are getting relaxed in most regions across the world, re-opening enterprises without practicing social distancing standards can increase the spread of the outbreak in the second and third waves. Many companies are clueless about how to prepare workplaces for physical distancing.

As a tech powerhouse, Softweb Solutions has always been among the fastest adopters of new technologies. With a vast experience in revolutionary technologies, Softweb Solutions is perfectly positioned to develop smart COVID-19 monitoring solutions using facial recognition, AI/ML, IoT, cloud, computer vision and user-friendly software applications to help you create a safe on-premises work environment amid the crisis and beyond.

Re-create a pandemic-ready world of work

Temperature screening and face mask detection solution

Using thermal cameras and infrared sensors, human body temperature screening systems can monitor the body temperature of individuals at entry points like office buildings, retail outlets, construction sites, subway stations, etc. The intelligent temperature sensing hardware identifies an individual with elevated body temperature and gives a warning of temperature abnormality. These thermal cameras also use a facial recognition algorithm to detect if people are wearing masks or not.

Social distancing detection solution

The social distancing detection system is designed to measure and detect the distance between people standing in queues or sitting on chairs in waiting areas. This can ensure that people are practicing physical distancing norms. The system uses occupancy sensors to measure the occupancy anonymously at each seat in any waiting area where people may congregate, such as sitting rooms in clinics, boarding areas at airports and other such places. In case of violation of the social distancing protocols, the system sends notifications to the administrative or security teams.

Wristband-based COVID-19 prevention solution for workplaces

Using low-cost smart wristbands, this COVID-19 prevention system can detect the body temperature of employees within their workspaces like office premises, factories, etc. and notify managers or supervisor if it crosses the threshold level. These low BLE devices consisting of vibration sensors can also act as a proximity band that measures the distance between two or more employees, without hindering the data privacy. So, whenever, two or more employees come in close proximity of each other, their wristbands will vibrate, giving them a conscious reminder to practice social distancing.

Catering new-age technology solutions to different industries

  1. Airports

    • Contactless physical distancing alert system at entrances/exits
    • Thermal imaging camera-based body temperature screening system
    • AI-based face mask detection system to detect people without masks
    • Occupancy sensors-based social distancing solution for waiting areas
  2. Retail

    • Real-time social distancing alert system to manage in-store traffic
    • Thermal body temperature screening system at entrances
    • Face mask monitoring system to detect individuals without masks
    • Wristband-enabled body temperature system for retail workers
  3. Manufacturing plants and factories

    • Large population body temperature screening solution for entry points
    • A wristband-enabled close-proximity alert system for factory workers
    • Contactless AI-based face recognition attendance tracking system
    • Smart AI-based face mask detection and social distancing solution
  4. Business parks and offices

    • Thermal screening at entrances to measure the body temperature of employees or visitors
    • Wristband-enabled close proximity and body temperature detection solution for employees
    • Smart AI-based face mask detection solution to detect employees without masks
    • Occupancy sensors-based social distancing solution for waiting rooms
  5. Hospitals

    • Social distancing monitoring solution for the waiting areas
    • Facial recognition thermal cameras-based body temperature detection solution
    • AI-based face mask detection solution for patients, doctors and staff
    • Wristband-enabled proximity monitoring and live body temperature detection solution for the staff
  6. Educational institutes

    • AI-based social distancing monitoring system and applications
    • Smart face mask detection solution for students, teachers and staff
    • Safe and contactless face recognition-based attendance tracking system
    • Live body temperature detection solution for students, teachers and staff
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Why choose us?

Softweb Solutions has a vast experience in designing and developing solutions using leading-edge technologies like computer vision, AI, IoT and ML. We have worked on numerous use cases on computer vision. Our highly competent team of digital technology experts will help you select the right digital technology or develop a bespoke contactless solution to maintain business continuity during the current crisis and beyond that will assist you to adhere to the standard physical distancing and hygiene protocols.

Respond to COVID-19 with our digital technology solutions

Practice social distancing norms using advanced technologies to re-create a safe working environment