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Customer Background

The client is an accounting firm based in the US. It offers financial services to entertainment companies. They were looking to integrate their accounting software within a web application and wanted to automate data reporting with RPA. They also wanted a feature that would allow them to automate report sharing.

  • Industry


  • Technologies / Platforms / Frameworks

    React Native, UiPath


With multiple customers having multiple franchises, the company was overwhelmed with the number of data and reporting that needed to be managed manually. Using multiple databases to manage multi-company accounts as well as multiple branches was challenging when it comes to sharing and consolidating financial information. The company’s consumers were given certain spending requirements; for any further financial requirements, they had to process a request. Managing such requests was time-consuming and needed too much manual effort.

  • Time and resource consuming manual processes
  • Lack of tracking financial information
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Lack of shareability of auto-generated reports


Softweb Solutions’ team of UiPath developers consulted the company to understand their requirements and the various accounting tools that they used. We created a web application and integrated their accounting tools using APIs to provide them with seamless data management. Our client offers automated approval for each request and generates a report in case the spend amount exceeds the requested amount. These reports are easily shareable with the respective franchise as well as with the headquarters of the end-end client.

  • The company saving time and gaining the ability to produce more with minimal efforts
  • They can create thousands of ledger entries in seconds
  • Report generation is made easy with API integration
  • With automation, data retrieval and transferring information to the users became easy


  • Save time and costs
  • Enhance productivity
  • Data accuracy
  • Real-time integration
  • Data accessibility
  • Automated data reporting with RPA

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