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Connected Operations.
Smarter Decisions.
Transformed Manufacturing.

Currently, the manufacturing industry is burdened by siloed operations which hamper efficiency and lead to loss of revenue.

To be data-driven, agile, sustainable, profitable, innovative, and people-oriented – you need to connect everyone and everything in the smart manufacturing ecosystem to achieve a new level of operational performance.

  • 25%

    Growth in output

  • 50%

    Reduction in downtime for corrective actions

  • 30%

    Enhancement in operational efficiency

AI and Data Intelligence

Build a bridge between OT and IT to enable unstructured and machine-generated data to be analyzed. Insights gathered with this will open up new operational efficiencies, productivity gains, and cost benefits.

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Digital Innovation

Help your supervisors by giving them the access to factory-wide information on intuitive dashboards and heat maps to detect performance gaps and compare metrics by product, manufacturing site, and region. This helps in getting the breakdown of overall OEE by category and optimizes it for higher productivity.

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Business Services

Apply analytics on equipment monitoring, control and release management, real-time machine and business process integration with enterprise systems. This helps production engineers to streamline operations, improve reliability and safety, and reduce maintenance costs.

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Technology Services

With connected machines, introduce a new culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. This enables more productive cross-functional discussions amongst supervisors with specific production problems, including root causes and potential solutions to implement.

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