Order tracking and inventory management with RPA solution for Retail Order tracking and inventory management with RPA solution for Retail

Customer Background

The client is a leading provider of clothing items and accessories. They are headquartered in the United States. They have been serving consumers for over 10 years. Their product catalog includes an extensive variety of fashion and lifestyle items for men, women and children.

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    RPA, UiPath


Every e-commerce business needs to focus largely on customer satisfaction to achieve success and increase sales. To ensure this, they have to effectively manage several practices like order tracking, inventory management, assisting customers in finding the right products, addressing customer queries, resolving issues, manage return and refund processes, etc.

Our client struggled with providing quick service and support to their consumers due to the high volume of queries that they received daily. They needed a better process to get a comprehensive and accurate view of their warehouse’s inventory and receive immediate updates on stock availability.

They also wanted to streamline their process for managing stock, collecting, collating and analyzing data. Their business suffered due to the ambiguity in their supply chain department and delays in dispatching orders and processing returns.


Our team analyzed the client’s needs and their entire operational processes. We integrated UiPath automation tool with their CRM and connected processes related to inventory, products categorization, dispatch, returns and customer feedback. Implementing RPA helps to streamline such processes by minimizing errors and response times. Apart from this, application of RPA in retail even increases operational efficiency by automating manual processes.

RPA helps them to capture data from their e-commerce platform, open new cases, check order status and update records automatically. It enables their employees to automate repetitive tasks like price checking, inventory management and order processing. Intelligent automation helps the company to collect, collate and analyze data to make better decisions for their business. RPA for retail automation enables them to manage and monitor stock in real-time while keeping a check on inventory.

As a result, they are able to achieve higher operational efficiency and minimize manual processing by automating time-consuming tasks. By adopting RPA, their business operations and first-call resolution rates have significantly improved.

The solution helps them to:

  • Reduce errors
  • Expedite order and return processes
  • Improve customer support
  • Better inventory management
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Achieve workflow efficiency
  • Get accurate reporting
  • Provide real-time analytics of sales and inventory
  • Minimize average wait time
  • Improve first call resolutions (FCR) rate
  • 30%

    Growth in

  • 25%

    Increase in number
    of customers

  • 45%

    Improvement in
    customer retention

  • 30%

    Rise in

RPA for Retail Automation

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