Game of Thrones s6ep8 – Data analysis Game of Thrones s6ep8 – Data analysis

Game of Thrones s6ep8 – Data analysis proves that the middle and end parts of the episode were the most liked

Game of Thrones s6ep8 – Data analysis proves that the middle and end parts of the episode were the most liked
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Warning: Contains major spoilers for this episode (duh!).

In episode eight, No One, the three major storylines were Jamie successfully taking over the Riverrun castle without (almost no) bloodshed, Tommen’s decision to outlaw trial by combat and Arya’s fight with the Waif where she kills her and decides to return to Winterfell.

Key findings from our sentiment analysis of Game of Thrones season 6, episode 8 –

Our data analysis of fan tweets shows that the number of tweets spiked during the 20th to the 30th minute of the show and towards the end. The middle segment of the show covered three scenes.

Minutes 20 – 22 – The castle siege at Riverrun

Minutes 22 – 25 – At Kings Landing – where Tommen banishes trial by combat

Minutes 25-30 – Jokes between Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm, and the attack on Meereen at the end of that scene.

The tail end of the episode showed Arya confronting Jaqen and reasserting her identify before leaving the House of the Black and White.


While calculating the number of tweets made for this episode, we noticed that in the second hour after the show finished airing, the number of tweets spiked again.

We analyzed 175,489 tweets from 13 June 2016 00:00:09 UTC to 14 June 2016 06:32:41 UTC. Out of these, there were 74,571 original tweets and 100,918 retweets. The linguistic breakdown of the tweets is shown in the pie chart given below.


The most popular tweet as of writing this blog post was from actor Maisie Williams who plays the character of Arya Stark on the show.


The other two are from memes about the show shared by from its Twitter handle.

“Arya” was mentioned 72,268 times in the time period that we analyzed the tweets and far outweighed other characters such as Cersei (2,905), Waif (2,086) and Ramsay Bolton (2,808).

Arya Stark also dominated the word cloud that we generated based on the tweets that we analyzed.


While analyzing the location of the Twitter users and the number of tweets made by them, Brazil comes a distant second with the US coming far ahead of everybody else, which makes sense, since this is an American show airing on a major US network.


Come back next week to find out how Twitter users are reacting to the ninth episode.

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Co-author: Shail Deliwala, Data scientist at Softweb Solutions

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