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Softweb Solutions is a leading Salesforce implementation services provider in the USA, assisting several companies in automating business processes and transforming to digital. We understand that today’s modern organizations need to be equipped with ultimate digital solutions beforehand to face the competitions ahead and that’s exactly what we aim to offer through our Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation. We have expertise in executing smooth integration of Salesforce Cloud. Our Salesforce experts have the hands-on-deck experience to ensure successful operation execution.

Whatever is your business, we have a solution for you.

Services we offer

What you get

Infrastructure Evaluation
We can help you to meet the compliance standards that ensure that your organization is functional and structural.
Custom Solution Development
Are you looking to create tailored fit solutions that meet your exact requirements? Our Salesforce experts can help to develop custom solutions that align with your sales processes.
Sales Cloud Quality Assurance
Our dedicated team of experts can help you to equip your sales team’s productivity with greater accuracy by providing them with reliable information that prevents disrupted structures.
Up-to-date Sales Cloud
Does your enterprise miss out on the latest sales-related functionalities? We thrive to deliver new features as soon as Salesforce releases them so that you remain ahead of the curve.
Sales Cloud Analytics
We want you to experience the power of analytics to achieve targeted sales revenue and valuable insights while concentrating on higher sales and lead flow control.
CPQ Integration
Our Salesforce developers can seamlessly integrate your CRM with the CPQ tool for improved workflows, accelerated sales cycle and to mitigate administration time.
Migrate to Lightning Experience
We can help you to facilitate your sales team with the best-in-class Salesforce Lightning intelligent apps that help to boost their productivity and result in overall increased sales.
Migrate to Sales Cloud
If you’ve made up your mind to migrate to the Salesforce Sales Cloud, we can help to transfer your existing processes, data and integration from your CRM.

Benefits of using Salesforce Sales engagement platform

Make informed

Retain customers and
close deals faster

Predict accurate
sales cycles

Centralize your
entire leads

Assign individual
priority tasks

Increase your sales

Demo – Salesforce Lead & Opportunity Management

Demo – Salesforce Lead & Opportunity Management

Automate your sales cycle and get insights on your leads with Salesforce Sales Cloud. It helps you to efficiently distribute and qualify leads as well as convert them into opportunities. With our Sales Cloud demo, you will be able to get insights on how to:

  • Get a 360-degree view of your sales process
  • Automate the prospect-lead-opportunity cycle
  • Address your customers’ requirements

Salesforce Sales Cloud for improving sales forecasting

We integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud to help one of our clients get a real-time view of their entire sales team’s comprehensive forecast and observe adjustments as soon as they are made. It supported them in making forecasts for the most complex sales territories and tailor them to fit their specific needs. The solution facilitated them to increase their business productivity, improve their process quality and enhance the buying experience of their customers. It also helped them gain better visibility to potential clients and convert their potential leads into opportunities and close the deals.


Features of Sales Cloud

Other features of Salesforce Sales Cloud:

Close more leads

  • Account/Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Social Media Insights

Accelerate productivity

  • Mobile
  • Workflows/Approvals
  • File Syncs
  • Salesforce Engage

Meaningful insights
(Data Intelligence)

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different offerings of Salesforce?

The different Salesforce offerings are Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, etc.

2. How Softweb Salesforce consultant can help you grow your business?

The SF consultant analyzes the existing business processes and practices. After evaluating it, they can advise a suitable strategy that can meet your organizational objectives. The consulting partners can contribute their expertise to enable your overall business growth by improving efficiency and leveraging state-of-the-art tools.

3. What are three distinct approaches to Salesforce implementation?

Big Bang Implementation – A Big Bang implementation offers a better ROI, because it is much faster and cost-effective than any other alternative.

Phased Implementation – In this method, the full Salesforce implementation is bifurcated into various phases by which all users gradually move to groups to the new system.

Parallel Implementation – Parallel implementations are quicker than the Phased implementations and slower than the big bang implementation, however, they also have a low level of risk.

4. What is salesforce sales cloud service?

“Sales Cloud” is a sales module that includes accounts, leads, contracts, contacts, opportunities, products, campaigns, quotes, and pricebooks. Also, it includes features such as Web-to-lead to support online lead capture, with auto-response rules.

5. What is the difference between sales cloud services and Marketing Cloud Service?

The Marketing Cloud incorporates integrated solutions for customer journey management, mobile, email, web personalization, social media, content creation, advertising, data analysis and content management. Whereas, Sales Cloud includes leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, contracts, pricebooks, products, quotes, and campaigns necessary for sales team.

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Softweb Solutions helps enterprises in designing, implementing and customizing Salesforce based solutions. We have a team of experienced Salesforce developers who suggests right Salesforce products and solutions to augment your business.

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