Why Choose Sitecore for the Enterprise Development Why Choose Sitecore for the Enterprise Development

Why Sitecore is the ideal choice for enterprise development

Why Sitecore is the ideal choice for enterprise development
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Today organizations are using different Content Management Systems (CMS) for creating and managing multiple websites. To develop and manage sites or portals calls to implement Sitecore in enterprise, although it may have its own paradigms, challenges, and considerations. In this post, I will outline the main advantages and challenges in detail such as why your organization needs multisite functionalities.

Also, enterprises providing customers offer-specific micro sites, in such situation they need a set of microsites, each potentially with its own content and presentation system. These are some of the situations that can compel businesses to create multisite for managing each products/brands separately yet effectively.

However, a marketer cannot ignore the importance of using social media and achieving actual goals through. Now your CMS should consider all these elements and put it all together to bring the desired result through connected networks. Doesn’t this seem fantastic?
In addition, Web Content Management (WCM) system is no longer just a tool for creating webpages, now it has grown to a wider extent with functionalities and features that are capable to operate and manage many business roles and responsibilities. However, CMS is vital software for growing your business parallel with digital strategies.
Following picture of Gartner’s magic quadrant shows that the Sitecore will lead enterprise Content Management System (CMS) category in the coming years. Based on ability to execute content, context, market overview, and finally the experience, Gartner has announced Sitecore as a leader in CMS development solution for enterprises.

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Let’s clarify why Sitecore is and will remain the first choice for enterprises for managing their content respiratory.

Multisite management: A company that owns multiple brands needs it to create multiple websites for presenting and managing each brand separately.

Single knowledge repository: Sitecore gives you power to manage content efficiently with single knowledge repository. This means a centralized Content Management System (CMS) to enable all your data in one place. This gives you an easy access to store and deliver content to your target audience.

Cross channel data analysis:  Sitecore delivers cross channel data analysis through a proper report system to measure each and every customer interaction with detailed analytics.

Unlimited scaling: You can do unlimited scaling by adopting Sitecore as your CMS as there are no limits on the data. Sitecore delivers the ideal enterprise development solutions by scaling unlimited data which keeps your business running smoothly yet efficiently.

Sitecore and multilingual websites: Local is the new global, it means you need a strong presence in the local market to tap the global market. It means you need local voice or language to communicate and sell your products within local market.

Complete experience: Sitecore is taking all your digital assets to digital experience to maximize the business value we get out of it. Ultimately, it’s all about experiences. It gives you an additive advantage to add all essential social media platform to engage customers with your business. Sitecore is highly SEO friendly this means that you need to work less on optimization as Sitecore is proficient to manage it all.

In the end, I would like to summarize 3 key areas with Enterprise Content Management System (CMS) development and deployment, which are as follows:

  • Content Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Outcomes

Nowadays, print content is equal to digital content as more and more readers prefer reading content on their mobile or tablet devices. You need to maintain consistent voice to establish a brand by targeting your content appropriately. Also, you need to focus on developing solid enterprise architecture by keeping the outcomes in mind.

Meanwhile, you need to check for the updated version of the software. If you are still using the old version, here is the complete guide to getting upgraded with the latest Sitecore 8.0

If you want to see how Sitecore can manage and grow your business efficiently in multifold, contact or drop a mail to our engineers for a complete enterprise solution. We would love to know your thoughts and comments.

Let’s experience web, mobile, and commerce all-together with Sitecore.

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