How microsoft's cloud platform hits the Azure IOT Suite How microsoft's cloud platform hits the Azure IOT Suite

Azure IoT Suite powered by Microsoft’s cloud platform hits the market

Azure IoT Suite powered by Microsoft's cloud platform hits the market
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While the Internet of Things (IoT) has been an industry buzzword for years, Microsoft has just tackled it by introducing the Azure IoT Suite. It certainly moves IoT from ‘proof of concept’ to ‘actual deployment’ by enabling enterprises to explore, test, deploy and scale each and every aspect of an IoT solution.

Needless to say, Azure users, now, will greatly benefit from IoT as a suite of new services makes it easy and simple to capture and analyze the untapped data from connected devices with remote monitoring or predictive maintenance solutions. The Azure IoT Suite will also help enterprises to make the most out of the data they’re collecting every day, by enabling them to create new intelligence, and ultimately transform business processes.
Azure IoT Suite will be a game changer
The suite gives enterprises an easy, seamless way to create new intelligence and leverage data for better insights, meaning it will play a crucial role in transforming a business. It had never been easy to move towards IoT systems in the past, but Azure’s preconfigured solutions built on Microsoft’s cloud platform eliminate the huge investment required to get started on IoT projects.

Predictive analytics and insightful data
IoT solutions with Azure help users make sense of their data accumulated from various connected devices by providing near-real-time information in an intuitive format, which leads to timely, well-informed decision-making. Users can access the data and insights they need using built-in analytics tools and rich dashboards. Information sharing has also been simplified and secured by user permissions which helps businesses run more efficiently.
Getting started with IoT solutions
Microsoft is branding their approach as “The Internet of Your Things” and has come up with preconfigured IoT solutions to enable businesses to directly implement the most complex solutions without reinventing the wheel.
At Softweb Solutions, we leverage Azure to support near-real-time insight, predictive analytics and preventive maintenance—ultimately helping enterprises to create and implement the most complex IoT solutions and revolutionize their businesses.
While the suite is presently defined to remote monitoring only, advanced capabilities such as predictive maintenance and asset management solutions will be available in the future. In order to accelerate the deployment of IoT even further, Microsoft has also announced Azure Certified for IoT which brings IoT-enabled platform, device and operating system together, as shown below
IoT enabled platform
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Clearly, the Internet of Things now makes sense!

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