Apple Smart Watch will Not Disappoint You Apple Smart Watch will Not Disappoint You

Why you will not be disappointed with the new Apple Watch

Why you will not be disappointed with the new Apple Watch
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Apple Inc. has finally revealed that they will start shipping Apple Watches on April 24th. The announcement indicates that they have built many useful features into the watch. The company emphasizes that this is the ‘most personal Apple device’ ever. This statement is more convincing because it is a wearable that stays more close to the wearer. This smart watch is not with you but it’s on you. They say that they have given a lot more weightage to personal style. Interestingly, when Apple introduces a new product, we all expect great design and sophistication.

They have announced three watch collections – Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. iOS 8.2, which is available for download, will support this stylish wearable. It has all-day battery life for regular use, stays up to 18 hours. Stainless steel cases will sport traditional as well as space black look.

What are the most compelling reasons to buy Apple Watch?

Most advanced personal item

First and foremost is its value as an advanced personal item. This is a wearable device with number of desired features and what Apple says that this is the most advanced timepiece ever. This is going to enable a fresh way of communication, which would be more convenient and comfortable. One does not need to reach out to their phone to answer a call, they can do it hand-free! Is it not interesting that it lets you send your heartbeat to other people?

Emphasis on personal style

Apple states that the watch is designed to appeal to a broad range of personal styles.  They believe that “what you wear is an expression of who you are”! Well, we expect nothing less than excellence when it comes to designs from Apple. A person who likes to wear a watch will have some inspiring design from Apple. They have a decent track record of introducing products with great style and elegance. Let’s wait and watch what they are finally shipping to their ardent fans.

Your fitness companion

Apple Watch can act as your fitness companion which is truly very inspiring. Many people look for wearable devices to keep track of their health and wellness. It is fast becoming a life style quotient and this smart timepiece is giving them simple snapshots of their all-day activity. It suggests new goals to the user and keeps them motivated. In short, it encourages the watch wearer to move around and keep up with their fitness. For that reason, we can say that not only ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ but Apple Watch also can do the same!

Appealing features

What they have announced as Apple Watch features is quite interesting. Actionable notifications, music controls, watch faces, hands free calling and answering, fitness tracking features, health monitoring, alarms, weather, sunset/sunrise, upcoming events, native calendar and maps etc., are those features everybody would like to have in their smart devices.
The user can use the voice command by saying ‘Hey Siri.’ Apple’s effort to provide a high tech time piece is justified with these classy, advanced features. Also we can say that the magnetic charger is another valuable addition to the smart watch.

Some interesting apps

The SPG app on Apple Watch will help users check-in to hotels while also allowing them to unlock rooms. You can easily request Uber for a ride using your watch and can pull a boarding pass from Passbook when you reach closer to the airport. Apple announces that many other excellent Apple WatchKit – Watchify Your iOS Apps new apps have been created for Apple Watch already.

Are there any cons?

Well, when we watch the Apple announcement on 9th March, we would find that there are less cons in buying Apple Watch. One disadvantage is that, you need an iPhone, which if you do not have, you will need to get one to use the Apple Watch. Battery life is said to be another concern though Apple claims that battery life would last at least 18 hours for a regular use but if you using it for a number of purposes, it may get shorter. Other than these minor drawbacks, the Apple Watch looks interesting and stylish!

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