ServiceNow London Update - Key features when you upgrade to ServiceNow ServiceNow London Update - Key features when you upgrade to ServiceNow

New features you will love when you upgrade to ServiceNow London

New features you will love when you upgrade to ServiceNow London
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2018 has brought us another digital transformation with the release of ServiceNow’s London – and all the focus is on incremental improvements. Beginning with London, ServiceNow has introduced certain features and functions in a “Limited Access” model for few of its pre-selected customers. However, these features are fully tested and supported.

Before considering ServiceNow integration services, you need to be aware of the latest features available with the ServiceNow London release. Here’s a quick overview of them.

ServiceNow Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent is very similar to chatbots that we often use nowadays on multiple channels. If you are familiar with talking to a chatbot for easy to understand services, you will find Virtual Agent doing the same. Although the use of conversation is easy through Virtual Agent, implementing this effective tool can be quite challenging.

Here’s the good news – ServiceNow London’s new Virtual Agent capability is intended to simplify the implementation by using pre-scripted templates to deliver various levels of service. Virtual Agent will allow customers to utilize the pre-built responses and address the common inquiries, enabling ease. Clients will also be able to make alterations and/or create their own templates.

ServiceNow Virtual Agent will enable improved customer satisfaction to ServiceNow clients, as it can be easily leveraged as below:

  • Virtual Agent for ITSM – To automate repetitive IT agent interactions and speed resolutions
  • Virtual Agent for customer service management – To deliver effortless and new levels of customer satisfaction
  • Virtual Agent for HR Service Delivery – To make it easier for employees to get answers and complete tasks in a timely manner

Insights Explorer

ServiceNow has added a new feature named ‘Insights Explorer’ for IT Operations Management product. The Insights Explorer will enable creating temporary queries to address the pattern performances that are normally not detected in system workflows. ServiceNow’s customers can now gain insights with potential outcomes and prevent such acts from occurring.

Configuration items for the query can be from different sources such as application services, relationships or from a list of configuration items. Query results are displayed in charts for easy understanding of system behavior.

Walk-up Experience

The Walk-Up Experience will enable your organization to manage onsite queues, by creating a contact channel that supports both online and onsite check-in to a specific physical service center.

Your employees will feel more control over their interactions and gain visibility into service center order. The Walk-Up Experience will allow users to check online queues virtually and see other requesters in line and you can choose to decide whether to join the wait. Your employees will gain a satisfying help desk experience while using this feature to better manage resource availability and staffing. Walk-Up Experience is featured to enlighten your workplace environment as your employees will be able to access services in real-time and get the teams to work faster with increased productivity.

Continual improvement management

ServiceNow Continual Improvement Management (CIM) is a new application in the London release. CIM will have its place to implement service, process, and function improvements. It is a simple, continual improvement process that will manage the improvement areas of your organization, from identification to value realization, which is based on Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

Here are some of the functionalities offered in CIM:

  • To view, prioritize, and track your improvement initiatives using single improvement register
  • Link your new and existing records from ITSM and ITBM applications to CIM improvement initiatives
  • Continuous monitoring and embedded analytics using Performance Analytics such as trend analysis, forecasting, spotlight-based ranking, and KPI-based goal setting
  • Monitor, plan, approve, and review improvement initiative backlog using CIM Workbench that supports drag-and-drop functionality
  • View business outcomes achieved from improvement initiatives using the Continual Improvements dashboard reports and lists

Security operations new UI

ServiceNow has revamped its Security Incident Response (SIR) functionality, and added a new UI that is friendly and built with the ability to interface leads quickly and more effectively. Here are some of the newly added functionalities:

  • Tile-based interface that makes it easier for authorized administrators to configure the visual presentation of data to their organization’s needs and preferences
  • Quick access to key incident details with fewer clicks
  • Intuitive guidance through built-in playbooks
  • More rapid transition from investigation to containment tasks

ServiceNow Agile Development

This application helps the ServiceNow team manage as well as track the entire software development lifecycle. This is helpful especially when you have multiple standalone tools during the development process which results in a disconnect between various applications. The ServiceNow Agile Development lifecycle puts everything in one system.

Vendor Risk Tiering Management

Assess your vendor’s risk tiering score using workflow. Vendor risk managers can now route assessments to internal assessors, and get the risks calculated against default tiering scale. ServiceNow’s Vendor Risk Tiering Management can calculate the score associated with potential risk posed by your vendor, and help you by generating an automatic risk assessment analysis so that you can make better decisions.

CSM major issue management

ServiceNow has included a new functionality for its Standard CMS license – Major Issue Management. With no additional configuration, ServiceNow’s London upgrade CMS is offering improved ability to resolve issues faced by multiple customers by creating parent and child cases. ServiceNow clients can now easily update child cases as the parent cases are automatically addressed.


ServiceNow London has immense potential for businesses who want to remain competitive. At Softweb, we know that it can be a difficult decision for many organizations to upgrade to the London version. To help you with this, we have created a ServiceNow upgrade checklist that you can download and get a risk free assessment as well. Get in touch with our ServiceNow experts for a seamless upgrade to ServiceNow London release.

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