What are the capabilities introduced in the ServiceNow New York release

New major capabilities introduced in the ServiceNow New York release

New major capabilities introduced in the ServiceNow New York release
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The most awaited New York release of ServiceNow is here! It is the newest global release with the most advanced functionalities and fixes to earlier versions. ServiceNow is driving a transition by leveraging digital workflows that are intelligent and run on the intuitive Now Platform. The New York release is designed to make work move smoothly across the enterprise, creating more value for businesses. Let’s check out what’s new in the New York release.

New York release – delivers more than 678 innovations

It’s exciting to know that the ServiceNow New York features are designed to deliver more than 678 innovations consisting of new workspaces, mobile apps and enhanced artificial intelligence (AI). This is done specially to enable the ‘ServiceNow Community’ to create greater experiences while delivering more productivity to both customers and employees across the enterprise.

The innovations mainly include new integrated apps in Now Mobile. These apps remove friction from everyday work so that your employees can get their tasks done across several departments including IT, HR, Finance, Legal and more, all from a modern mobile app that is powered by the Now Platform. Additionally, the new workspaces are made easier and allow you to have a 360-degree view of your services.

Here are some of the dynamic and noteworthy features of New York for growing enterprises:

Now Mobile

Now Mobile simplifies a lot of time-consuming tasks. For instance, it puts you on top with your requests, allows you to act promptly on tasks that require approvals and aligns you with your to-do list. Interestingly, the Now Mobile app intelligently connects you with the right people and information to get your work done across various departments. It also enables you to search for information on the go using any workflow on Now Platform.

Virtual Agent Enhancements

ServiceNow Virtual Agent is a platform that provides user assistance through conversations within a messaging interface. It is used to design and build automated conversations that help users to quickly obtain information, make decisions and perform common work tasks. Now, let’s see the new enhancements offered in the New York release:

  • New intent comprehension capabilities with natural language understanding are incorporated in the virtual agent to connect users to the right conversation topic quickly.
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Model Builder is introduced to create and tune no-code models for your organization. Users can now easily train models with sample sentences and phrases, which also improves accuracy by mapping words and ensures quality by using integrated testing and validation.
  • Organizations can quickly build and deploy conversational chatbots. They can also reach out to their customers using Facebook Messenger and deliver self-service anywhere using the Virtual Agent in Now Mobile.

Mobile Onboarding

Mobile Onboarding is a new mobile application launched in the New York release. This app offers an end-to-end onboarding experience to new hires. It can assist them to complete onboarding tasks, ask relevant questions and also view relevant content. Additionally, new hires can be guided with to-do tasks across all departments, they can enable/disable notifications and even make use of the mobile devices’ inbuilt cameras to take pictures and store them through mobile app. Hiring managers can also track the onboarding steps of new hires and allow them to access key contacts for any query.

Proactive customer service operations

ServiceNow New York provides organizations with the capabilities to trigger case workflows and notify targeted customers to improve customer experiences. Proactive customer service operations enables you to improve your customer experience by breaking down the silos that exist between the processes and systems that are used by front line customer service and back-office executives.

Using the customer service management service portal, you will gain the ability to resolve and close proactive cases in the same way as other customer service agents do when customers are affected.


By using IntegrationHub, organizations can easily integrate ServiceNow with any system. This feature helps you to create enterprise-grade integrations using advanced features, protocols and script. It also introduces new features for developers like API introspection, complex data, pagination and data streaming and others. Most importantly, leveraging IntegrationHub helps to boost speed and productivity and offers a growing library of codeless integrations in the ServiceNow store for business apps.
Instance data replication

Instance Data Replication (IDR) is an interesting new feature that automatically copies data updates that are made to instances. This is an easy and secure method that synchronizes your data between instances. It can also trigger workflows after replications. For instance, it can generate a notification when the replication is complete or validated.

Investment funding

Investment Funding is another significant feature of the New York release. It enables users to plan and manage investments by allocating funds to several entities including business units, products, teams and more. This feature also helps in prioritizing the investments based on business needs and the strategic objectives of your organization.

Final thoughts

ServiceNow’s New York release has truly introduced some major capabilities and enhancements that are sure to transform any organization. If you are looking forward to adopting ServiceNow or are already using it and considering upgrading to the newer version, connect with us.

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