ServiceNow Kingston makes new integrations for businesses a cakewalk ServiceNow Kingston makes new integrations for businesses a cakewalk

ServiceNow’s Kingston makes new integrations for businesses a cakewalk

ServiceNow’s Kingston makes new integrations for businesses a cakewalk
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ServiceNow is a robust platform with significant values that drives modern enterprises to operate faster and become more scalable. It offers multiple integrations for its customers who have adopted it as a versatile business tool. In fact, ServiceNow integration services offer capabilities that make it easy for enterprises to leverage seamless integrations into the platform.
These integrations enable the organization to further extend the capabilities of the platform while offering a multitude of options to increase functionalities and use the platform more resourcefully. ServiceNow also offers integrations to third-party applications and even provides configuration instructions for activating plugins. The new Kingston version is the advanced version that supports existing and new integrations for businesses.

This blog post will highlight several integrations that offer promising automation opportunities between businesses and resources.

Jira Integration

Planning projects, assigning tasks, tracking progress or releasing results, Jira integration is one of the preferred integration in software for managing projects. With Kingston, automating your businesses processes is achievable through Jira integration. Companies can effectively communicate with business areas, automate workflows and monitor issues instantly with ServiceNow Jira Integration.

LDAP Integration

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is the master source of user data which is accessed through a single sign-in. By integrating LDAP with ServiceNow, users can leverage a streamlined login process and automate admin tasks specifically. In addition, it also supports Active Directory integration.

Azure Integration

Azure is a Microsoft laaS product that provides cloud-based services for users to build, deploy, and manage configured applications. Azure integration will help businesses to improve event management and overall IT operations management. Kingston’s new Azure Integration allows Azure as a data source that captures event information from the platform.

Splunk Integration

Splunk is one of the favorite applications for many developers that help them to analyze big data patterns, metrics and diagnose problems as well. For such users, Kingston version now allows Splunk integration to improve incident visibility and analysis. By pairing your Splunk application with ServiceNow, you will add extra security operations to your existing technology.

Slack Integration

Organizations can streamline workflows, increase communication between teams and allow better access to information using Slack Integration. Additionally, you will benefit from improved communication channel between users to address client profile information faster.

Salesforce Integration

Enterprises that are leveraging Salesforce software will benefit from ServiceNow integration with Salesforce since it offers added visibility and connection to customer service management (CSM) data. Enterprises can easily integrate their existing Salesforce cases, users, accounts, and opportunities with Kingston. Companies can even import their data from ServiceNow to Salesforce software.

Communication Integration

ServiceNow’s communication integration can help companies with advanced options for online chat, phone, and email automation. The new Kingston version combines these common forms of customer communication to allow easy customer service interactions and quick access to information by leveraging the following:

  • ServiceNow Email Integration
  • Email and Calendar Integration
  • ServiceNow Phone Integration
  • ServiceNow Chat Integration

Businesses can easily expand their capabilities using these integrations and provide excellent customer self-service portals to the experience of customer service. These integrations will as well allow the customers to attend issues by accessing several services related to information.

ServiceNow Kingston Integration Hub Capabilities

One of the valued features of ServiceNow Kingston integration is the out-of-the-box codeless Integration Hub that automates integration tasks using the platform’s built-in-flow designer. Developing a custom integration is also possible with this hub. Such connectivity makes it easier for users to connect on projects and encourages connectivity between disparate software and platform.
ServiceNow Integration Hub will enforce an action with third-party APIs as a part of a flow when an incident occurs. This integration is known as spokes, which are featured to instantly add powerful actions without requiring a script. For instance, you will be able to post a message and incident details in a Slack channel when a high priority incident is created.
Integration Hub also uses aliases to manage connection information and credentials when integrating with external systems. Using such aliases will help to eliminate the need to configure multiple credentials and connection information profiles when using multiple environments.
ServiceNow Integration Hub platform provides process owners and developers with the following benefits:

  • Integrates business processes with other external systems by extending Flow Designer.
  • Automatically promotes process automation by enabling experts to develop and share spokes with flow designers.
  • Provides logic of natural-language-descriptions of integrations to accommodate non-technical users to understand the triggers, actions, inputs, and outputs.

ServiceNow platform allows direct integration for software, infrastructure, products and APIs. This will enable your enterprise to transfer data from legacy systems into the platform, as well export data from ServiceNow into the applicable system. If you wish to be consulted about ServiceNow products and configuration integrations, consult with our experts.

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