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Customer Background

Hennig, Inc. is a global manufacturing company that specializes in machine protection products and services. The company provides safety equipment, conveyor belts and other chip/coolant management products.


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    Unity 3D, iOS, .NET and Node.js


The company offers safety products that vary according to the requirements of their clients. With so many machines, it is not feasible to take a one-size-fits-all approach. No two machines are identical; hence, it is essential to check that the right conveyor fits the right machine. Moreover, the type of chips that they cut also needs to be taken into consideration. They strive to leverage quick response manufacturing strategies for better customer service. With Q-ROC – the combination of sales, engineering and manufacturing divisions, the company started an initiative to get continuous customer feedback for smooth manufacturing of their equipment. Although, they required to streamline their entire process to meet their customers’ demands.

Their traditional approach involved sending a technician, or a team of technicians, to get the measurements for the machine for which they required the fit. However, this created a major challenge as the technicians had to manually enter the dimensions. Often, half of the information was further communicated to the manufacturing and sales teams. In such cases, the sales team was not able to provide the right quote. The technicians had to visit the site again to get the measurements correct. This was time consuming for the client and their customers and incurred additional costs.

Key issues faced by Hennig:

  • Increased production time
  • Longer sales and quotation process
  • Multiple visits to customers’ site
  • Insufficient information
  • Miscommunication between the sales and manufacturing teams

  • 100%

    Accuracy in spatial measurements

  • 3X

    Faster quote


Softweb Solutions’ team of experts was briefed about the issues that the client faced. With every machine having a different footprint, it was essential to provide exact inputs to the manufacturing team to get the equipment that satisfied their customers’ needs. We noted the importance of accurate measurements and closely followed their process of getting the space and dimensions from their customers’ site.

Once we were thorough with Hennig’s requirements, we offered our visual product configurator solution, which includes an AR app that can be leveraged on multiple devices like headsets, mobile devices, tablets, etc. For Hennig, we developed the app for iPhone and iPad, allowing them to input the dimensions with precision. Moreover, they can also visually configure made-to-order products and design elements, letting their customers experience them in an augmented environment at their location.

This helped the client enhance customer satisfaction by offering virtual and interactive configurations. This allows the off-site experts to provide an augmented interactive demonstration with accurate spatial information. In turn, the client offers improved products crafted according to their consumers’ needs in less time. Their customers can see how the equipment fits and looks with in the actual setup and infrastructure.

  • AR app: The technician can share accurate measurements with the manufacturing and sales teams in real-time. The sales team offers a budgetary quote and can close the deal in a single visit.
  • Augmented reality product visualization: Hennig can showcase the equipment in a live environment as a 3D overlay on their customers’ machines via the iPad and iPhone apps for quick feedback.
Noah Goellner

Softweb Solutions’ expertise in this area was extremely good. Soon as they got involved, we knew they were going to make sure the project was going to be successful. It was such a good breath of fresh air to partner with them.

– Noah Goellner


  • Provide accurate spatial information
  • Efficient sales quotes in real-time
  • Build customizable orders
  • Streamlines the manufacturing process
  • Enhances the buying experience
  • Faster deal closures

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