Generative AI Solutions for Improved Hardware Schematics

Customer Background

Our client is a leading OEM. With a commitment to delivering high-quality products, the company constantly seeks innovative solutions to optimize their chip development processes.

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  • Technologies / Platforms / Frameworks

    Python, LangChain, Azure Cloud, LLM


Our client deals with complex components that require intricate design optimization. The company relied on manual efforts to explore design variations and optimize product designs. The company faced numerous design constraints such as, thermal management, signal integrity and physical form factors. These constraints made it challenging to manually explore all possible design variations and find the optimal solution.

Traditional design iteration methods required significant time and effort. This resulted in a slower time-to-market for new chip designs. The firm needed a solution that would accelerate the design process without compromising quality.

  • Lack of design optimization for complex components
  • Time-consuming iterative design adjustments
  • Manual design exploration


Softweb Solutions understands the importance of thorough discussions and a clear understanding of our client’s challenges to provide tailored solutions. To address these challenges and optimize the company’s product development process through generative AI, Softweb Solutions followed a comprehensive approach:

Requirements gathering

Our team of experts initiated in-depth discussions with key stakeholders and the client to gather detailed information about their current design and production processes. These discussions involve understanding the organization’s specific pain points, limitations and objectives. This ensured a holistic understanding of their challenges.

Process analysis

We conducted a detailed analysis of their existing design and production processes. This analysis helped to identify areas that can be improved and optimized through the implementation of generative AI solutions.

Generative design algorithms integration

Our team of AI experts integrated advanced generative AI algorithms to automatically generate numerous design variations. This is based on input design constraints, performance requirements and manufacturing limitations. This enables engineers to explore a wide range of innovative and efficient design solutions for complex automotive components.

Efficient design creation

We leveraged EAGLE (by Autodesk) to create hardware schematics that met their requirements. We converted their hardware schematics into robust circuit layouts using EAGLE. This allows the company to proficiently place components and establish interconnections to ensure an accurate representation of components such as sensors, actuators and control units.

Design space exploration

The generative AI model, in conjunction with EAGLE, enables rapid exploration of the design space. The AI model generates a multitude of design variations while adhering to the specified constraints. These variations were seamlessly imported into EAGLE, where they were further analyzed and evaluated for feasibility and performance.


  • Improved performance: Our generative AI solutions generate numerous design variations, allowing engineers to explore innovative and efficient solutions.
  • Rapid design iteration: The automated design generation and exploration process enables engineers to evaluate a large number of design variations quickly.
  • Competitive advantage: By reducing time-to-market, the company gains a competitive edge by introducing new products or design improvements faster than their competitors.
  • Cost reduction: By optimizing designs for performance and weight, Softweb Solutions’ generative AI solutions reduce material costs and improve manufacturing efficiency.
  • 81%

    increase in design accuracy

  • 42%

    faster time-to-market

  • 95%

    better design quality


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