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While everyone is practicing social distancing and isolation to protect themselves from this one-of-a-kind outbreak, many businesses are clueless about how to operate. The pandemic has impacted all industries, leading many companies to adopt remote work as a solution.

As an organization, Softweb Solutions has been at the forefront of technology adoption and we have been creating smarter and better ways to work, helping our clients to setup their business virtually and bridge geographical boundaries. But the current situation that the world has been facing, has brought an immediate need to go completely digital.

Top Microsoft tools for remote workforce monitoring and collaboration





Power Apps

Power Apps

Power Automate

Power Automate



Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

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Companies need to ensure business continuity, team collaboration and access to mission-critical apps and services during this crisis.

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Four steps to a connected virtual office


Consulting and technology assessment

  • Determine the right approach to going remote
  • Analyze current technology capabilities
  • Business communications plan

Optimize your current technology stack

  • Identify ideal tools and technologies for remote work
  • Create a plan to use them for maximum efficiency

Spread awareness and set up a remote culture

  • Develop an awareness program for remote culture
  • Push key technologies adoption
  • Determine an approach to host large remote meetings

Rapid modernization and scaling

  • Increase collaboration capabilities
  • Develop workforce engagement plans
  • Remote networking, upgrades and security

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At Softweb Solutions, we offer a full range of Microsoft services to empower businesses with collaborative tools for remote work.

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