Integrate Office 365 with Power Apps for your business

4 key advantages of integrating Office 365 with Power Apps for your business

4 key advantages of integrating Office 365 with Power Apps for your business
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Most of us have a unique business model, which in turn requires some unique business processes. Following these business processes on a traditional pen and paper method is really something that we don’t want to get involved in. In the era of technology and specifically smartphones and computers, we need something that can make our work as simple as having a coffee or better yet, ordering a coffee. In other words, we need an app that can make our business processes easy to follow and monitor.

However, getting a custom application specifically for our business may put a lot of load on our pockets and managing the services for that app adds to our expenses. This is where various software services and platforms come into play. And, our knights in the shining armor are –Power Apps and MS Office 365.

Let’s meet our problem solvers and try to know a little bit about them;

Power Apps:

Power Apps is the answer to the rising need of possessing a business application in a very short time-frame. This platform allows a user to build a professional-grade app without any sort of coding. Yes! You’ve heard it right. You can have a custom business application within no time and no coding involved at all.

MS Office 365:

Office 365 is the term Microsoft uses to refer to its subscription plans for online Office applications along with other Internet-based productivity services. These services include Lync web conferencing, Exchange Online hosted email for business, additional online storage on OneDrive and Skype world minutes for home.

To make it easy for you to manage your business processes, Microsoft is here with the integration you wanted all along. Yes! It is here. Microsoft has announced the integration of Office 365 with Power Apps. With this integration, businessmen can now use the features and functionalities of Office 365 on the apps they built using Power Apps.

We were thinking about this merger and the possibilities it can provide for a business. So, let’s have a look at the points that can help a business to run smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of integrating Office 365 with Power Apps

  • Cuts down on development time

One of the most important features and benefits of this integration is that you don’t need to code anything. Power Apps has in-built templates that allow users to simply drag and drop them to their application and make it fully functional. Similarly, when you want to integrate Office 365 with your app all you need to do is just select the option which says “Office 365” and it will be integrated on your app, just like that.

  • Turnaround time is reduced

Fetching information is one of the crucial tasks for any business. You need the required information right before you at the very moment it is required. Now, the implementation of Office 365 over an application developed using Power Apps allows the users to find and fetch the desired information stored in any application of MS office.

  • Function efficient cross-platform integration

Today there are two smartphone operating systems that rule the market. Android and iOS govern the entire smartphone division globally. Seeing the popularity of these platforms, it is quite natural that users would be using either of these two operating systems. Now, to make your app available for your desired users irrespective of the smartphone they are using, you need a cross platform application. Relax! The app is developed as a cross-platform application in Power Apps. This app is equally efficient in either OS.

  • Data sharing was never this easy

Data and information sharing is also a task that requires extra and additional attention. You need to keep in mind which data is to be shared with whom. All such troublesome tasks can be easily done with Office 365 integrated to your Power Apps developed application. All you need to do is select the piece of information you need to share, select the person/department you want to share this information with and simply share it. It’s that simple.

So, these are the benefits that a businessman can get with this integration. Since this integration is new and is in its growing phase, it might be a bit difficult for you to find the appropriate consultant, developer and integration specialist.

However, Softweb Solutions has extensive experience in Office 365 and MS technologies such as Power Apps. We can help you not just in developing the app but also configuring the app with latest updates present in the market today.

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