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Augmented Reality Product Visualization from Softweb Solutions allows you to showcase products in 3D anywhere. No need to schedule visits or worry about transportation for large-scale equipment or machines. The interactive and engaging 3D representations allow your clients to visualize the detailed working and check out the assembly of your products.

Products sales teams require an all-inclusive configure, price and quoting solution to present their products to customers.

  • Offer an augmented interactive demonstration at the customers’ location
  • Provide an experience to see how the equipment fits and looks with actual setup and infrastructure
  • Enable sales executives to generate a quote instantly for faster sales closures

Enable your sales team to showcase large equipment and close deals instantly

Configure Price Quote

  • Provides your sales team with augmented environment to generate contextual quotes that are efficient and accurate
  • Integrates flexibility into your IT infrastructure and supports several guided-selling channels
  • Streamlines the entire sales process by standardizing complex offerings with its end-to-end capabilities
Configure Price Quote
Visual Product Configurators

Visual Product Configurators

  • Enables interactive product configurations in 3D for visual proof and customization according to customer requirements
  • Allows your users to experiment with interactive versions of your products as product configurators radically assist the selling for businesses
  • Offers customization of products in 2D, 3D, or AR with a configuration following your set business and manufacturing criteria, your sales order is always correct, error-free and lucrative

AR/MR Experiences

  • Presents design concepts and illustrations for any type of machinery to enhance buyer experience
  • Eliminates geographical boundaries with remote collaboration and communication in real-time
  • Provides real-time monitoring of factory equipment, service delivery, navigation and product presentation
AR/MR Experiences
Offline Capabilities

Offline Capabilities

  • Terminates internet requirements with pre-loaded holograms for equipment used in remote sites where connectivity is scarce
  • Allows you to showcase product demos, interactive advertising and provides information to customers
  • Improves in-store experience by allowing customers to match their preferences

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Warren Ferguson

This MR solution has aided our customers to better understand crucial equipment details that drive price differences, allowing them to either move forward with the project or table it until another time. This is a great service to save time and has helped Tinsley develop a reputation of transparency and honesty that, we are told, many customers haven’t seen in some time.

Warren FergusonPresident at Tinsley Process Equipment

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At Softweb Solutions, we specialize in creating and providing augmented reality applications that help organizations tackle numerous challenges. With our added expertise in digital technologies, we build and integrate AR applications with multiple business systems and processes to create unique experiences that add value to our customers.







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