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A holistic solution to pump up efficiency and thus ROI in the Oil & Gas industry.

The inability of drilling down the performance of each oil & gas well does not allow the sector to standardize enterprise-wide production.

Only smart connected operations can describe what the production units of the oil & gas industry in the future will look like – bring together the IoT-enabled assets, operations, and business systems to drive insights and collaboration for optimized performance.

  • 7%

    More yields

  • 5%

    Higher recovery rate

  • 20%

    Reduction in operating costs

AI and Data Intelligence

Combine past and present sensor, operational, and industry-contextual data with predictive algorithms which provide insights into the condition of assets and the likelihood of different failure modes. This helps in planning sensible maintenance and reduces unplanned downtime.

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Digital Innovation

Leverage 3D virtual planning, simulation, and visualization technologies to train workers, plan and schedule operational procedures, and meet health and safety requirements. This helps in increasing the effectiveness of your assets, operations, and workforce with powerful human-to-machine collaboration.

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Business Services

Apply analytics on seismic, drilling, and production data, and help reservoir engineers to map changes in the reservoir over time. This helps production engineers to make rational changes in lifting methods to enhance oil recovery.

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Technology Services

In a scenario, where environmental regulations restrict new surveys, geologists and geophysicists can verify their assumptions in their analysis of a field using relevant historical data. This not only eliminates guesswork but saves huge costs with enhanced accuracy in oil & gas well exploration.

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