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Not sure if implementing blockchain in your enterprise is the right move? Our blockchain consultants will guide you on what is the right approach. We cover everything; from strategizing and creating use cases to a technical assessment of your business processes and IT infrastructure. Be it programming immutable smart contracts or supplying decentralized web solutions for supply chain management, we help enterprises to identify and build DLT-powered solutions while ensuring data integrity and performance.

Blockchain implementation journey


We work with you to blend innovation with creativity that matches perfectly with your requirements.


Select a use case and carry out a pilot program. We will help your decision makers evaluate the outcome and plan the next phase.


Build a full-scale blockchain solution using our expertise and test it to ensure that it matches your KPIs.


Extend the blockchain network to your partners, suppliers and customers by integrating their systems with yours.

Blockchain in Supply Chain

A supply chain is a complex system which involves many stages and requires continuous consensus across all the steps is very difficult. Blockchain is able to provide greater traceability across the supply chain while allowing shippers and customers to analyze trend and perform predictive monitoring. Blockchain not only brings enhanced visibility into the network but also stops counterfeits and thefts.

Blockchain in Energy

One of the major areas wherein blockchain is disrupting the energy sector is electricity distribution and management. Blockchain-powered green electricity distribution allows end-users to directly connect with the grid, meaning they can directly trade and buy energy from the grid rather than from retailers. Besides, blockchain helps with building interconnected peer to peer grids, which allows participants to buy and sell renewable energy at very low costs. On top of facilitating more control and efficiency over energy sources, blockchain technology helps companies to record, store, and track energy data with greater security and transparency.

Blockchain in Insurance Claim Process

Companies are facing huge losses due to scams and false claims in the insurance industry. The current claim processing methods demand a huge amount of manual efforts, considering numbers of data points to verify. A distributed blockchain network allows insurance companies to verify claims in no-time, without tampering any information. Thanks to transparency and authenticity of data in blockchain, claims can be handled in a timelier manner without a risk of fraud.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain provides easy accessibility to the patient data across different healthcare organizations with an interoperable, patient-centered big data ecosystem. The technology eliminates pain points, reduces duplication of work and improves your cybersecurity. Easy data accessibility and transparency enable pharmaceuticals to minimize counterfeit medications and allow remote autonomous diagnoses.

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