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See insights and understand data through Tableau

You can now define custom territories, filter through data sources, highlight data in context, and many more things with new visual analytics of Tableau.
Here in this video, you will be able to see the sales and profit details of a superstore. This includes data from every state for the listed countries. Using the filter option, you will be able to have a look at their sales and profit from the different locations very quickly. Here, the green color indicates lower sales whereas blue indicates higher sales.
Key features of Tableau:

  • Connect with different data sources.
  • Customizable views and dashboards.
  • Actions and filters.
  • Maps and geocoding.
  • Formatting and display.
  • Publishing and sharing.
  • Statistical calculation.
  • Automatic scheduled reporting.
  • Store up to 50mb of data (with free plan).
  • Graphic benchmark tools.

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