Power BI Integration for Real Data Insights for a retailer Power BI Integration for Real Data Insights for a retailer

Customer Background

Since 1964, Bartz Viviano Flowers & Gifts, Inc. has been a premier florist in Toledo and Oregon, Ohio. They deliver flowers and gifts throughout the metropolitan region. Through its network of quality florists, the organization is growing its sales reach all over the world. Their main goal has been to give the freshest flowers, fantastic value, and excellent service to their customers.

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Due to economic fluctuations, it is challenging for florists to sustain business competition. The client is a third-generation florist who sought to boost their profit margin by figuring out new ways to get insights out of their existing and real-time data stored in SQL servers.

They wanted to be more focused on how they respond to growing digital competition and how they match consumer lifestyles while still retaining sales and profit. Out of their real-time data, they needed a solution to assess their overall operational performance, including total sales, cost of goods, labor costs and gross profit.

The company had a potential gold mine of data and was managing it using a variety of tools, but they were unable to gain valuable insights that would allow them to focus on streamlining operations.


Softweb Solutions delivered Bartz Viviano with data consolidation by taking data from disparate on-premises sources throughout their organization and combining it in a single live environment repository. To meet their organization’s needs, we assisted them with Microsoft Power BI implementation which is popular for its self-service features. This data visualization solution also empowers their departments with relevant interactive reports efficiently.

Bartz Viviano’s work of bringing its business intelligence efforts to life has been made easier, thanks to the Power BI business intelligence solution that delivers insights and real-time self-service capabilities. Owing to the insightful reports, they can now gather the data they need and get answers regarding their company’s productivity. Their supervisors can swiftly collect information and draw insights in the form of interactive dashboards with these reports, allowing them to make key decisions that will help them improve consistency and reduce expenses.

Our team of experts leveraged Microsoft Power BI to create interactive dashboards and reports for Bartz Viviano, allowing them to turn their data processing efforts into analytics and reports that deliver real-time insights to their entire network of stores.

Here’s what our Power BI data visualization solution offers:

  • Power BI dashboards display financial performance by combining data from several sources
  • Simplified tracking and analyzing of marketing campaigns and sales volumes using Power BI insights
  • Power BI insights assist decision-makers to stay on top of all their critical data with just one click
  • Insightful dashboards evaluate everything in seconds from anywhere with a quick and economical solution
  • Boost sales and unlock insights that drive impactful decisions for each department using Power BI

20% increase in overall sales

45% improved customer satisfaction

30% decrease in labor costs

35% increase in gross profit

Frank P. Viviano

We were able to develop a sequence of Power BI displays that provide us with new and useful information about our business. Softweb Solutions worked with our data throughout the process, ensuring that the deployment of our Power BI dashboards in our workplace went off without a hitch.

Frank P. VivianoBartz Viviano Flowers & Gifts, Inc.

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