Top factors to consider when you hire Sitecore Managed Service Provider

Why hiring a Sitecore Managed Services provider is the need of the hour

Why hiring a Sitecore Managed Services provider is the need of the hour
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In today’s fast-paced economy, you might face business challenges like poor customer experience, weak brand presence, inappropriate content management system, security threats, shrinking budgets and rapidly changing technologies. All these issues might make it difficult for you to stay ahead of your competition.

This is where you need Sitecore Managed Services. It will allow you to digitally transform your company’s marketing, content and digital experience strategies. Enterprise-level managed services provide end-to-end support and maintenance for the platform, infrastructure and emergency. All these in alignment with industry best practices.

By implementing Sitecore managed cloud services, you get –

  • A detailed websites assessment along with a Sitecore audit
  • Customized strategy to manage the total lifecycle of your Sitecore marketing needs
  • IT support through ticket management and iterative deployment
  • A cross-functional team at your disposal
  • Round-the-clock emergency support with managed cloud security
  • Well-structured onboarding process of team

Organizations mainly choose to hire a Managed Service provider who offers free a Sitecore Audit. The free Sitecore audit help to assess your Sitecore enterprise management system, upgrade to its latest version, or integrate new functionalities.

If you are planning to go for the Sitecore managed services model but confused whether to hire an internal support team or partner with a managed service provider (MSP), then this blog is for you. When you are deciding between internal vs. external support – you must consider: The breadth of skill sets needed,

  • How much time it takes,
  • Developers’ experience,
  • Cost it requires to recruit and retain a team of Sitecore experts and
  • The amount of flexibility you would want in terms of expenses or resourcing

Top factors to consider when you select your Sitecore managed cloud services

By partnering with a top-notch Sitecore managed services provider you can keep your IT infrastructure operating excellently and proactively. They can assist you in dealing with network issues and avoiding expensive disruptions to stakeholders, employees as well as customers. Before moving any further, let us first discuss the key points to consider for hiring a Sitecore managed services provider.

1. Focus on IT support strategy

If you hire a Sitecore Managed services provider – you can fortify your internal IT staff to focus on more strategic projects. It will allow them to handle your email hosting, implement CRM, CMS and other services. Previously, Sitecore implementation was done by large enterprises mostly. However, nowadays, even small and medium businesses (SMBs) are implementing them to alleviate competitive demands and operational concerns.

2. Choose the right mix from a wide range of service providers

Today, many Sitecore implementation service providers are out there, so you might find it hard to select the best. Before you pick a Sitecore MSP, ensure that they deliver advanced Sitecore Managed Services, such as:

  • Application management,
  • Cloud infrastructure management,
  • Business process outsourcing,
  • Constant application monitoring,
  • Business intelligence and
  • Data analytics

Also, learn more about their previous projects, customer references and experience they have in Managing Sitecore Cloud Services. Another factor you must consider is their ability to address questions/complaints and responsive service level agreement (SLA).

Service provider as a partner

It is essential to build a strong and strategic partnership with your Sitecore Managed Service Provider. There are several cases where the poor partnership between the managed service provider and the company’s staff led to the termination of the partnership contract.

Your company must partner with an MSP skilled to manage onsite and remote models while improving operational efficiency and business revenue.

Utilize a proactive methodology

By choosing the Sitecore managed cloud services, you can perform proactive analysis. You can also monitor and identify network bottlenecks and application/server issues that can be resolved before an outage occurs.

For seamless business continuity, you must prevent issues before they occur with proactive Sitecore maintenance and support approach. Therefore, by outsourcing infrastructure responsibilities, you can better focus on delivering better customer experiences and driving business results easily.

Quality-driven digital experience

Enterprises not only demand alignment with their existing IT model but also want business solutions delivered without compromising on quality. A Sitecore Managed Service Provider offering a qualitative custom solution for business challenges is what every client seeks.

For example – XYZ company faces challenges in providing a seamless digital experience to its employees and customers. The issues include complicated content search functionality, difficulty to locate information and poor infrastructure for content assets.

Hiring a Sitecore MSP can help you integrate the Sitecore Experience Platform to get a holistic view of the content landscape. The other benefits include zero customer calls due to failed searches, reduction in internal service tickets and personalized website experiences. Overall, this made the digital experience of the user substantially better.


When you partner with a Sitecore MSP, you need to ensure they maintain transparency of the billing and engagement model. Their costs must justify several billing models. They should have competitive pricing, which gives the best ROI to your business.

Why is Softweb Solutions your best MSP?

As Sitecore Partners, we help businesses monitor and maintain their overall Sitecore ecosystem. Our team of Sitecore experts can facilitate you to implement personalization across digital platforms and improve customer experience. Also, we help enterprises to streamline their workflows and derive actionable insights via effective reporting and analysis.

You can consider us an extension to your in-house Sitecore team. We will empower you to focus on business KPIs while we take care of the hassle. You will benefit from the same quality of equipment, level of experience and support as you would find in huge organizations.

Key benefits of hiring Softweb Solutions as an MSP –

  • Better security
  • Minimized downtime
  • Gain access to experts
  • Well-equipped cloud infrastructure
  • Proactive support and quick response time
  • Greater ROI and improved performance
  • Saves time, resources and costs

If you want to implement Sitecore to augment your CMS or DXP capabilities, get in touch with expert Sitecore developers.

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